The Bold and the Beautiful: September 14 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: September 14 Live Thoughts
On The Bold and the Beautiful today, Brooke is incredulous to find out that Stephanie was Andy's accomplice.  Eric snoops around Stephanie's desk and finds a clipping of the photo from the Cafe Russe of Andy and Brooke.  Bridget comes over to Eric's in tears because of concern over her mother.

Brooke and Ridge both feel ill at the thought of Stephanie's evil ways.  Instead of actually going to the police or confronting her, they just jabber on and on about how sick she is.

Bridget, who is still in the dark about Stephanie's evil, evil ways, is trying to figure out how Andy Johnson knew about the intricacies of Brooke's child custody case.  Bridget leaves the room to take a call, and Eric takes that opportunity to break into Stephanie's locked drawer.  In it, he finds a napkin on which is written Andy Johnson's number.

Ridge and Brooke leave a voicemail on Stephanie's phone accusing her of having Andy rape Brooke.  Way to tip her off, geniuses.  Now she has time to work some elusive mojo.  The funniest part of this scene is that we immediately cut to a commercial about genital herpes.

After commercials, Ridge asks Brooke if she wants to press charges.  As an accessory to rape, Stephanie could be put behind bars.  But Brooke is really dumb too. She says she doesn't need to press charges because Stephanie's worst nightmare is coming true: Ridge doesn't want to be a part of his mother's life.  Um, yeah, that really is the worst thing that can happen to Stephanie.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that being violated in the prison shower room by Big Bertha just might be worse.  I would enjoy The Bold and the Beautiful so much more if that would actually happen.  But alas, Brooke is too stupid and lacks the foresight necessary to get ol' Steph behind bars.

Meanwhile, Eric  is distraught and devastated that now he knows the truth about his mannish wife.  He stares at the napkin with the phone number, and in the background, there is a framed photograph of Stephanie on her desk.  Seriously, who keeps a framed photo of herself?

Brooke and Ridge arrive at Forrester manor to find Eric alone.  They see an envelope on the front table, which reads, "Please deliver to Brooke."  It is a letter from Stephanie.  Stephanie writes that she is heartsick to hear what happened to Brooke.  She writes that went too far, and she didn't mean for her to get raped.  She asks for her forgiveness and writes that she needs time away to forgive herself.  Brooke is royally pissed off.  Brooke monologues that "sorry" isn't good enough.  She yells, "I want Stephanie's head served up to me on a silver platter" for what she did to her.  She hysterically screams, tears up the letter and throws all the photographs of Stephanie she can find on the ground.  Brooke vows that she will not let Stephanie get away with this.  I think that this is a ploy that The Bold and the Beautiful writers need to begin a "Brooke is crazy" storyline.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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