'Bold and the Beautiful' Publicist Talks About Show's Anniversary Book
'Bold and the Beautiful' Publicist Talks About Show's Anniversary Book
To celebrate The Bold and the Beautiful's 20th anniversary, the show has released a hardcover book entitled The Bold and the Beautiful In Celebration of Twenty Years of Television.  The book, which can now be purchased via the show's official website, features year-by-year summaries, interviews, behind-the-scenes stories and numerous photos.

The book was penned by Eva Demirjian, the Director of Communications & Talent Relations for The Bold and The Beautiful.  According to Demirjian, creating the book was no walk in the park, as she had to some extensive research in order to ensure the finished product would be of excellent quality.

“I literally read every synopsis for every episode made in the last 10 years!  And I did a tremendous amount of reading on the first decade of the show,” Demirjian told Soap Opera Digest.  “I also spent quite a bit of time interviewing the cast — past and present — key executives and the Bells [the family behind the successful soap].”

Demirjian began working on the book in June 2006, and in the process, closely collaborated with a number of show officials.  She also said that she spent a great amount of time conducting and transcribing interviews, as well as attending meetings about the content.  She also co-designed and oversaw all facets of the book, which proved to be very time-consuming.

However, the biggest challenge Demirjian faced in writing the book had less to do with time and more with trying to write each chapter without losing sight of the book's ultimate goal.

“[The most challenging task was] keeping the bigger picture in mind while writing and laying out each chapter, which was about the history of [The Bold and the Beautiful] and the stories told by [co-creator] Bill Bell and then Brad [Bell, Bill's son and the show's executive producer and head writer.],” she said.  “It needed to maintain the integrity of being an homage to this wonderful, brilliant family, without whom there would be no [The Bold and the Beautiful].

Also included in the book is a tribute to actress Darlene Conley, who died of stomach cancer early this year.  She played Sally Spectra on the show.

“Darlene passed away just two months before our 20th anniversary,” Demirjian told Soap Opera Digest.  “I had come to know and love Darlene and I recognized how many people around the world loved her.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Soap Opera Digest
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