'Bold and the Beautiful' Actor Doesn't Believe There's Scarcity of Work in the Industry
'Bold and the Beautiful' Actor Doesn't Believe There's Scarcity of Work in the Industry
Losing a gig may be a fear among many film and television actors, but it's not for up-and-coming daytime drama star, Mykel Shannon Jenkins.  The 38-year-old actor, who won the first season of SOAPnet's I Wanna Be A Soap Star and is now appearing on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful, remained optimistic when his character on General Hospital was killed off, as he is not one who “believes in scarcity."

“When I was leaving [General Hospital] everybody was feeling bad, but I was excited, because I was excited about tomorrow, about the next story that I was actually going to be able to tell,” Jenkins said.

The “next story” turned out to be Detective Charlie Baker, son of Lt. Bradley Baker (Dan Martin).  The character first appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful on November 21.

“I like him, he's got a little temper,” Mykel Shannon Jenkins said of his character.  “He has a passion for women and he's trying to find a way to be a man, the kind of man with status, respect -- outside of his daddy's shadow.  He's extremely proud to be a Baker.  He's just like any other man who's trying to find his way.  There's a need to be loved in him, but a fear that a woman might not be able to understand.”

Jenkins, who had to work with a 12-page scene when he was auditioning for the part, was attracted to the role because it would allow him “to be a part of the first Black family on The Bold and the Beautiful that redefines the father/son relationship--a Black man and his father in a powerful position, a position of authority finding their way.”

While Mykel Shannon Jenkins is not too concerned about losing jobs in Hollywood, he does worry about not being prepared enough for work and giving justice to the role.

“My worry is, am I doing enough to be ready on The Bold and the Beautiful?,” he mused.  “I'm still in class. I'm still putting scenes up every night.  I still meet with my private coach two, three times a week…  My theory is, whether the next thing happens, even if it's on the show, I have to carry a little bit more.  Am I true and ready enough to make the most of it because it's coming.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS
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