'The Blacklist' Recap: Lizzie Learns the Truth
'The Blacklist' Recap: Lizzie Learns the Truth
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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Last time on The Blacklist, we saw the extent of Tom's evilness as he killed Jolene and that other guy. This week, Lizzie is finally confronted with the truth and we get to see a softer side of Red.

This week's episode of The Blacklist, titled "Ivan," starts when a man working in an empty computer lab hears a noise. He thinks it's some guy named Wilson, but he soon realizes something's going on. Things go crazy and a million pages that say 'smile' fly out of the printer. Someone's hacked into his system. He calls someone to tell them that they've been breached and he's on his way, but a hacker inexplicably makes his car crash from his computer and steals his computer from the car.

The Super Hacker

Red tells Lizzie about Nathan Platt, the man from the first scene. He was attacked by Ivan, a cyber-criminal. Ivan is not-so-anonymous. He took credit for the attack online. Red, of course, knows him because Red has business with everyone.

Ressler comes along on the investigation, even though Lizzie says he should be taking some time off. They go to look at Platt's car with Aram, who tells them that there's a message in binary that says "Ivan." They are instantly surrounded by officers telling them to step away from the car.

Cooper comes up and there's a stalemate between him and the other FBI agents. It's a good old-fashioned inter-department stand-off. Apparently, they want the technology Aram found in the car. Eventually, they decide to work together. The agent takes them to the computer lab and tells them about "the skeleton key," the project Platt was working on. It's an important device that can cut through computer systems, and Ivan has a prototype. It's a "digital version of a nuclear warhead."

Red says they need to get Ivan to share his information himself, otherwise he'll never talk. To do that, they have to create a problem for him and make it seem like they're solving it for him.

Red goes to visit Ivan. He says that he's come to collect from the bank account of his that he stole from. Ivan decides to leave, but Red warns him that people are on their way to arrest him. Red, conveniently, can help get him away. Ivan transfers money to him and they head out. But Ressler's outside waiting for him. Red shoots him, but it's just a ruse. It's unclear why this happens.

On the plane, Red talks to Ivan about the Skeleton Key. He quickly learns that Ivan doesn't know what he's talking about. Someone else did the hack and has been using his name. Red says he can help because Red knows everything.

Young Love

The taskforce looks into this new information, and this hacker has been busy. Ressler and Malik question a woman who has been getting more money in her bank account than normal, thinking she has something to do with the hacker. She mentions she can't do anything with technology without her grandson's help. Just like that, they have a lead.

This boy is apparently a test-taking whiz. Also, there's something weird going on with some girl.

The taskforce is on the case and are heading to the high school. The kid, Harrison, is really fixated on this girl and copies her every move as she eats in the cafeteria. The taskforce shows up, but he left the cafeteria. He sets off the fire alarm with his tablet as Lizzie chases him and he gets away. Lizzie tells Red about him and he jokingly says he wants to hire him.

The girl Harrison is obsessed with is Abby Fisher, the daughter of the head of the Skeleton Key program. Harrison's been stalking her. Lizzie calls Mr. Fisher, but Harrison makes them lose power.

Abby gets texts from her friend Jackie to come outside, but it's really Harrison. Lizzie and Ressler show up, but Abby's gone. Abby's dad tries to trace Harrison's call, but the Skeleton Key won't let them. Eventually, they get a location.

Abby goes down to an empty subway station and finds that she's really been texting Harrison. He gets all creepy and she freaks out. He tells her he stole her dad's project so she doesn't have to move to Colorado. She is not impressed, even after he says he loves her. In a panic, he pushes her. He runs away just as the FBI storms in. He gets on a train and makes it go somehow and Lizzie shoots a window and jumps on.

Lizzie uses her profiling skills to try to talk Harrison down, but he doesn't buy it and decides to crash the train. She tells him she knows he didn't mean to kill Platt, and that he did what he did for love. He changes his mind, but it might be too late. Back at the black site, everyone's watching and is worried that they won't make it. But of course they make it.

Lizzie Finally Catches On

Meanwhile, Tom's whole secret identity deal is coming to a head. Red and Dembe meet with the lady of Mr. Kaplan. They investigate Jolene and that other guy's bodies. Then Red calls 911 to report a missing person.

At the same time, Tom and Lizzie are acting all cutesy when a detective comes to talk about Jolene.

Lizzie predictably takes over Jolene's investigation. She has a personal stake because she met her once. She asks someone in the FBI to look Jolene up.

Lizzie finds out that Jolene's real name is Lucy Brooks and that she was a criminal. Lizzie feels responsible for letting her into their house. Tom assures her that "You never really know people." Because she doesn't really know him. Get it?

Aram has information about Jolene for Lizzie, who finds out the location of the last call Jolene made, which just so happened to be to her.

Lizzie calls Tom and tells him that she's going over to the address she found. Tom just happens to be there. He rushes to a computer that shows she's outside the building and he starts tearing down all the information he's gathered on the wall.

Lizzie comes in. She doesn't see Tom, but she sees the cameras and a lot of guns. She sees an open door and comes out just after Tom burns the evidence and sneaks away. She's just about to find Tom behind a door, but he slams the door into her and punches her in the face and gets away.

Lizzie talks to the officers on the scene about what just happened and says she wants to be kept in the loop. Meanwhile, Tom makes a strange spy call about being compromised.

Lizzie asks Red if he's ever seen Jolene. She wants Red to look into her, but he won't help her. Lizzie gets all huffy and says that Jolene's in her life because of Red. She thanks god she at least has Tom. Seriously, how dense can she get?

After solving the hacker case, Lizzie invites Ressler to dinner, but he refuses. They'll happen eventually, though. Probably.

Lizzie gets home and updates Tom about what happened in the Jolene case. Lizzie goes on the computer and looks at the pictures of the evidence. She sees a children's toy that Tom had. Finally, the truth is out. But will she act on it?

Lizzie goes to Red's house and finally admits that he was right. He really should say, "I told you so." Red invites her in and plays a music box that he's spent the entire episode building. Lizzie remembers it. She listened to it as a child and she heard it during the fire. Red knew her dad played it for her and it comforted her. He built it for her to tell her that it'll be okay, just like her dad used to.

Will we ever find out how Red knew about that song or will this be a Blacklist loose end?

The Blacklist airs Monday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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