'The Blacklist' Recap: How Far Will Ressler Go?
'The Blacklist' Recap: How Far Will Ressler Go?
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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Last time on The Blacklist, Tom's big supposed secret was revealed. We've been warned for months that Tom isn't really a baby-crazed super husband, and lo and behold, Tom's a bad guy. Who would have guessed? Honestly, what would have happened to that baby in the end if they had really gone through with the adoption? That's what I really want to know.

This week's episode of The Blacklist, titled "Mako Tanida," begins with an escape from a Japanese prison. The escapee, Tanida, shows up at an FBI agent's house in Tokyo. Apparently, he was collateral damage in the agent's task force's search for Red. As retribution, the agent has to disembowel himself or he'll go after his family. Luckily, The Blacklist skips the gore this time.

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Tom's Other Life

Jolene snakes her way into Lizzie and Tom's house claiming she's looking for a new place. She starts instigating some trouble, bringing up the fact that Tom went to the art show.

Tom confronts Jolene, who says "Berlin's" concerned, though we're still in the dark about who she is, who he works for and what either of them wants. Then he whines about his life and how Lizzie found the ID's and money and how Red sent someone to stab him and how his life is so hard. They bicker after he relays his information and heads out. The man Red hired from the last episode is still watching them, though.

Red talks to the man and hires him to bring him Jolene. The man tries to grab Jolene, but Tom's behind him and knocks him out in some sick spy moves and they make their escape.

Tom and Jolene now have quite a problem. They bicker and Tom tells her to call lizzie and tell her she's moving somewhere else. Their hostage warns her that as soon as she does this, Tom's going to kill both of them, but of course she refuses to listen to reason. Unsurprisingly, that guy, who doesn't seem to have a name, was right, and they both die. Honestly, there is just too much of this on The Blacklist. Red kept telling Lizzie that Tom is no good and Tom turns out to be no good. That guy tells Jolene exactly what Tom is going to do and Tom goes and does it. Why can't these characters listen or at least use some caution?
In the end, Tom buries the body and Lizzie joins him in the shower as he's washing the blood off his hands. Tom and Lizzie are back to being happy in love.

Ressler and Red: Together at Last

Ressler shows up at the FBI agent's funeral and says he doubts that the death was a suicide. Another agent, Jonica, suggests it was Red. So Ressler asks Lizzie to find him, but she says he's already looking for him.

Red continues to help Ressler in this episode, despite the latter's bitterness towards Red, who watches a ballet practice and talks to a client before heading out to meet Ressler, and an uneasy alliance is formed. Red tells Ressler about Tanida. While Ressler suggests that Red has his own reasons for tracking down Tanida, for now, his motives are pure: he thinks Tanida is going to try to hunt Ressler down. Meanwhile, Tanida has already started his killing spree.

The rest of the task force are working on finding out more information on Tanida and find that Tanida's younger brother is also a crime lord. He escaped and is running Tanida's business.

An Old Flame Reignited and Quickly Extinguished

Ressler's old fiance, Audrey, is back with Ressler, apparently. But just as he vows to protect her, they're attacked and she dies. Now Ressler wants to throw the book out the window and get that guy.

Ressler's Revenge

With Jonica whispering in his ear, Ressler's convinced Red knows something. Both Cooper and Red try to convince him to stop, but we all know he's not going to do that. Red gets all philosophical and says that he's been down this road too and he's going to get dark.

Fueled by hate, Ressler loses it and starts shooting for information at a makeshift hospital that Red tells him about.

Lizzie confronts Red about Ressler and says Ressler's not like him, he can't just murder someone in cold blood and come out the other side okay, but Red says nobody can. Lizzie then just tells him all the information they have on him, but Red tells her that Tanida's brother is dead. Lizzie rushes to the black sight and they realize Jonica's the real culprit.

Ressler and Jonica take Tanida, but Tanida starts talking about how someone killed his brother. Chaos ensues and Jonica ends up shooting Tanida and crashing the car. Ressler wakes up and sees Jonica making a run for it, but he's wounded and collapses. Ressler catches up to him and points his gun at him. Jonica tries to reason with him, but Ressler talks about how Red's the reason he got back with Audrey and how it's so ironic that the person he hates brought her back and his friend is the reason she died. Then he tells Jonica to disembowel himself or he'll kill him.

Lizzie and the team have figured out where Ressler was going and, as usual, make it right on time. Lizzie talks Ressler down and he unloads his gun in the air, proving he isn't completely like Red, but Jonica ends up killing himself.

They get back to the car and find Tanida gone. Then when Ressler gets home, he finds a pregnancy test.

Meanwhile, Red's back at the ballet, and the ballerinas are gossiping about how his daughter used to dance. Dembe comes in and tells him about Jolene and his client.

Red sends Ressler a note saying he understands how he feels and sends him Tanica's head while he watches the ballet and imagines his young daughter dancing.

We've learned more about Red's past and hopefully this will lead us somewhere. We definitely know Tom's a bad guy now, but we still don't really know who he really is or what he wants. Hopefully, we'll learn more next week, but this is The Blacklist after all, so it'll probably drag on a while longer.

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