'The Blacklist' Recap: Has Red Crossed the Line?
'The Blacklist' Recap: Has Red Crossed the Line?
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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This week on The Blacklist, Lizzie learns she can't trust anybody. Not even Red, which isn't all that surprising. The security box that Tom led her to contains some important information. And her life becomes even more of a mess than it was before. She and the taskforce also take down another criminal. They go after the Kingmaker, a man whose work places people in important political roles. He's a germaphobe and sniffs a lot. Plus, Ressler and Lizzie may actually finally be happening.

This episode of The Blacklist, titled "The Kingmaker," begins in Prague when some guy gets into a car. The driver doesn't look very friendly, and reveals that he speaks English and happened to read that the man speaks English, too. The man gets hot and the driver fixes the heat and offers him water. It has an immediate effect and he passes out or dies. Another man wakes up to find the dead man on the floor next to him. The police show up just at that exact moment. He's a politician and the dead man was supposedly an escort. The driver watches this on the news in an airport and smirks.

Alan Alda's Alliance

Red is borrowing a man's house. He and his host discuss what happened in Prague. Red thinks the Kingmaker framed the politician. He said he doesn't know who framed him. But the man said that Red does know even if he doesn't know the name. Someone's been after Red for months. He said his friends are talking and whispering. Red says he doesn't have any friends. Someone's after Red.

Red surprises Alan Alda's character and sits down with him at a restaurant. Alan Alda scowls. His character name is Alan, too! Red's in trouble. Alan doesn't want to get into his problems. But Red says his enemy is Alan's enemy. Red has information that Alan's alliance doesn't want to get out. His enemy could get the information and release it even if Red wouldn't. And if Red dies, he has his own protocol.

Alan goes to his alliance about what happened with Red. Red shouldn't have wanted to come to him after Alan tortured him before. He must be desperate. Red needs their help because his business is under attack. The alliance needs to vote.

Alan meets with Red. He's late. Alan says he should be happy he's there at all. Alan also says that the alliance decided not to help him. He voted to help, but it doesn't matter. Some people just want to kill him off to see if he actually has the "alleged evidence." Not surprisingly, Red isn't happy. He says he'll win the war even without them. Alan can't even fathom how far he'll go to protect what matters to him. He says that he's the one who won't be able to help Alan when the time comes. Alan will be "alone in the dark." Clearly, the two have history.

Dirty Politics

Red has a new mission for Lizzie. They walk into a room full of weed, which Lizzie is a little concerned about. But they have bigger fish to fry. Red needs Lizzie to take down the Kingmaker. He arranges political scandals. He grooms politicians. He does anything to make his people win. And he's messing with someone in Red's pocket. Lizzie says she will only help Red if she knows Tom's every move, who Red says is in New York. 

The Kingmaker, who's actually the driver from before, just happens to be in New York, too. He meets with a politician named Patrick and is full of promises. They're planning a car accident. Patrick's second-guessing the plan, and the Kingmaker gives him an ultimatum. Does he have it in him?

Aram and Malik track down the Kingmaker and Ressler and Lizzie take off to New York. They get there quick, but things can't be that easy. They barge into someone else's room.

Meanwhile, Patrick's having some quality family time, but now it's time for the car accident. He's speeding with his family across the bridge. The Kingmaker's there and sets things in motion. Patrick's car gets hit and falls into the water.

Lizzie and Red watch Patrick on the news. They see him rushing out of the water with his daughter. His wife is already on the beach. The newscaster announces his wife couldn't be saved. Red says that it was all a media stunt. Now Patrick's in the spotlight.

Lizzie and the team research Patrick and see that he's not even running for anything. Lizzie lets her personal emotions take over when she says she has no problem believing that Patrick lied to his wife.

Ressler and Lizzie see that there are no skid marks where the accident occurred. Patrick either didn't have time or it was planned. Lizzie says that the plan worked. He's all over the media. He's a hero. They go to pay him a visit. Patrick doesn't have his story straight and won't talk anymore. Just then, Ressler gets a call. They know where the van that hit the car is.

The Kingmaker's not pleased at the same time. The van driver, Arturo, didn't stay to tell the police that it was an accident. Now he looks like a suspect and people will soon come to question him. Arturo's upset because the Kingmaker didn't say that a woman and child would be there. And now the woman's dead. The Kingmaker shoots him. Ressler goes to talk to Arturo, but he's one step behind. Arturo's already dead.

Patrick goes to the Kingmaker. He's upset about his wife. She wasn't supposed to die. The Kingmaker says he's sorry but now people are mourning for him. That's a good thing. Patrick says the FBI came and he thinks they should stop, but the Kingmaker wants to go through with the plan.

Lizzie and Red go to a pawnshop right by the pay phone the Kingmaker used. It leads to a speakeasy type bar. They ask the owner whether the Kingmaker was there. He was there. And the owner just happens to know what hotel he was staying at because he complained about the heat.

Lizzie and Ressler go to the hotel rom. They hear a noise and see some high-tech stuff. They have no idea what it is and neither do I. It looks dangerous. They send it to the taskforce and find out it's a breaching plan and that there's going to be a new target. Malik also finds that a picture of the house that will be breached has a sticker with V and M security on it. This leads them to discovering that the next target is a senator. When a senator dies, there's a special election. That means that Patrick can be elected.

Of course, the security alarm goes off before the FBI can even warn the senator. The Kingmaker gets to the senator and explains what's going to happen and what it's going to look like. The Kingmaker threatens him and tells him to resign from the senate. The senator says he'll do it tomorrow, but the Kingmaker says he can't trust the word of a politician, which is just a perfect line. Ressler and Lizzie usually show up right in the nick of time. But this time, they show up outside just a little too late. They manage to get there right when the shot is fired. They go in and Ressler goes to call it in when the Kingmaker attacks Lizzie. Ressler shoots him down.

Lizzie calls Red and says that they got the Kingmaker. Red asks her to hold him. He needs to talk to him. But Lizzie tells him that he's dead. Red needed him and is actually close to tears. He's finally showing some weakness.

Patrick talks to the media, and Ressler and Lizzie interrupt his perfect photo moment to arrest him.

Red's Secret Comes Out

Lizzie opens the envelope from the bank and sees pictures of Red. They're pictures of Red walking into the hospital where Sam died. She shows them to Ressler. She also gets Aram to get security footage for Lizzie. They find out that Red was at the hospital when Sam died.

Ressler is also concerned for Lizzie. He knows she's having problems with Tom. She says that they fought and he left. We know it's much more than that, though. He tries to comfort her and says it's not over.

Lizzie questions Red about her father. He reveals that they knew each other. She asks him about why Red was at the hospital. Sam wanted to tell her something that day but didn't. Was it because of Red? How did they know each other? And why did he never mention Red? Red just says he went to say goodbye.

Aram calls Lizzie to tell her that she had Sam's time of death wrong. He died when Red was in the room. Lizzie goes to confront him. She flat-out asks if he killed him. Red doesn't lie. He says yes. Lizzie was right. There was something Sam wanted to tell her and he didn't want her to know. Red asks her to understand. He's been friends with Sam for a long time. He was dying, in pain and wasn't thinking clearly. If he was thinking he wouldn't have told Lizzie anything, it wasn't his choice to make. They said goodbye and Red "put him out of his misery."

I'm not sure how Red wanted Lizzie to react to this. But Lizzie says she's done. She calls him a monster and storms out. She goes back to her torn-up house and her torn-up life and Red is just as unhappy. Lizzie ends up at Ressler's place. She says she didn't know where else to go. Can they finally be happening?

There are only a few more episodes of season 1 of The Blacklist. Is Lizzie really done with Red? Somehow, I think they'll work things out.

The Blacklist airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

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