'The Blacklist' Recap: Don't Kill the Messenger
'The Blacklist' Recap: Don't Kill the Messenger
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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It's business as usual for The Blacklist this week as we continue to once again check off the names of notorious criminals on Reddington's list of wrong-doers. This time, it's a guy known as "The Courier" -- a middle-man of sorts for other criminals who hopefully have cooler nicknames than he does.

His latest assignment? The abduction and orchestration of a ransom deal regarding an NSA agent, who has access to all kinds of deep, dark secrets, including the truth about Agent Keen's husband. (Maybe he also likes to stab people in the throat with pens?) So it becomes a race against time for Keen to save the agent's life -- or to let the truth die with him. Decisions, decisions. Let's dig in.

Special Delivery

Reddington somehow catches wind that a package is set to be delivered to an Iranian spy sometime that day and he wants it intercepted. However, once his little minion (I assume this guy works for him) informs him that "The Courier" is doing the delivery, then he decides to get his old pals at the FBI involved since -- let's face it -- they pretty much do whatever he says.

He calls Agent Keen and explains how the Courier pretty much guarantees a perfect transaction between both criminal parties every time he does business. He's the best. Reddington then reveals that he knows where and when the next exchange is scheduled to take place. The FBI spot an Iranian man talking with a produce guy (Mr. Courier himself), asking if he has change for $100.

But the Courier must've picked up that there were agents watching, so he goes in the back and promptly shoots the other guy in the head. (I'm guessing this means he didn't have change then?) Shots ring out, which result in a pretty exciting car chase. Knowing he's about to be captured, the Courier undoes a few stitches on his chest and shoves a small disk inside. (Gross.)

During the interrogation, the FBI tries to figure out exactly what package he was supposed to be delivering. But the question isn't what, it's who. A doctor informs them that the Courier, whose name is Tommy, we now know, suffers from a genetic disorder that makes it impossible for him to feel pain. And based on all the marks on his body, they deduce he's been using himself as his own personal storage kit.

They remove the disk, which turns out to be a video of a boy named Seth being held captive in an airtight container with an oxygen mask that will eventually run out of air. It's just a matter of when, which means the FBI just prevented a ransom delivery from being paid. Uh oh...

Lost and Found

After a quick background check on the abductee, the FBI learn that this isn't just any ordinary guy -- he's an NSA agent, which makes him highly valuable (and extremely dangerous) to have in the wrong hands of, say, I don't know, criminals! They predict Seth has roughly 14 hours of air left in his oxygen mask, but since they still have no clue where he's actually being held, they need to track down the person who arranged the kidnapping in the first place. After ransacking Tommy's safe house (found courtesy of Reddington's connections), they find pictures of a woman Tommy had been tracking in case the deal went sour and he needed to have her "taken care of."

Since she's still unaware that no transaction actually occurred, Ressler volunteers to go uncover as the Courier, explain to her that he killed the Iranian spy after discovering he was working with the FBI and demand that the deal is off. Then they could hopefully track her back to the place where she kept Seth hidden.

Great plan, right? But, of course, it's never that easy. This woman is smart and wants proof that Ressler is, in fact, the real Courier. She tells him to hurt himself since he can't feel pain. Ressler impressively follows through very convincingly, but there's just one flaw: she knows that if he was the real Courier, he would've killed her as well as the Iranian spy. Shots are fired and another chase ensues, but luckily the FBI is there with backup and takes the woman in for questioning. She too claims to have no idea of Seth's location, which brings them back to Tommy as their last hope of finding the agent's whereabouts.

But how do you bargain with a man who literally feels nothing? You find his one weakness. Keen brings Tommy's brother in for questioning and learns that their abusive father used to put Tommy in dog fights, making money off his own son fighting for his life against these animals. It broke him.

But his brother is still the one last thing Tommy actually cares about. Keen suggests they offer Tommy a deal: they'll reduce his brother's prison sentence if he gives them the information they need concerning Seth's location. However, Tommy is in the process of being transported at the moment to another facility, which gives him the perfect chance to escape using one of his skin-hidden gadgets to unlock his handcuffs.

Agents Ressler and Malik go to his old family house on the off-chance that Tommy decides to go there, but that still leaves Seth's fate in the air and the time is ticking. Reddington suggests that the FBI let the woman go and he'll get the information out of her one way or another. So, naturally, they follow his instructions because, hey, why not?

He meets with the woman and offers to get her out of the country safely (since Tommy will undoubtedly be coming for her next), in exchange for Seth's location. She agrees, so Keen and Reddington are able to track Seth down just in the nick of time. The kid is grateful and says if there's anything he can ever do for them to just let him know.

Love and Marriage

Agent Keen has a few other things on her plate besides work. She's still having doubts about her husband Tom's innocence (or lack thereof) in a murder that went down when they were vacationing in Boston. While lying in bed, Keen finally confronts him about it, which results in him choking her to death. Just kidding! As Nelly would say, "It was only just a dreaamm!" Tom wakes her up (for real this time) and tells her that he has an appointment for an ultrasound with the woman who plans on giving them her baby. He seems happy. She doesn't seem thrilled.

This also serves as a great time for the show to remind fans that the house is continuing to be watched by a mystery guy who apparently loves eating apples and some other dude whom we really know nothing about. But, yeah, they're still monitoring everything, so there's that.

Eventually, Keen shares with Reddington everything she's found out about Tom thus far, which still isn't much since the case file about his gun is classified. He thanks her for being so honest with him about everything she's discovering.

Speaking of which, Tom calls Keen at work sounding panicky and demanding that she come home right away because they need to talk. Of course, she's super busy at work with the whole kidnapping thing, so it really isn't a good time, but she promises they'll talk later. Cut to Tom staring at the open floorboard in utter rage. Looks like he now knows his secret hiding place isn't so secret anymore.

At the end of the day, Keen receives the official classified file from Reddington, who'd called in his favor with young Seth to get her the information she needs. (Aww, sweet.) It appears her suspicions are confirmed and he was involved in the crime. There's even a picture linking him in there. She goes to see Reddington with tears in her eyes.

However, in a bold (or stupid) move, she decides to go home and confront Tom head-on. The surveillance guys observe as Keen approaches a very upset looking Tom, telling him that they need to talk. "That's funny," he says. "I was just going to say the same thing to you." You know what is about to hit the fan, people!

So what did you think of this week's episode of The Blacklist? Are you still baffled by how much Reddington is able to get away with at the FBI? Why is he so invested in Agent Keen's personal life? What will be Tom's next move now that he's been found out? Take our poll below and feel free to sound off on your predictions in the comments below!

The Blacklist airs Monday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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