Who's Back and Who's Throwing the Weigh-In on 'The Biggest Loser'
Who's Back and Who's Throwing the Weigh-In on 'The Biggest Loser'
The Biggest Loser
giveth and it taketh away. Last week we lost Sophia and Burgandy but this week Alison announces the competition is "about to get bigger." BOOM everyone else eliminated in the first qualifying episode is back to weigh in for a second chance. Corey, Shanna, Anna, Montina, and Sandy are back and one of them has a spot waiting for them on the Biggest Loser Campus. Obviously the player with the highest percentage of weight loss will win a spot back on the ranch. In the end, it goes to Anna, who lost her spot to Rick and Patrick back in the first episode. 

Alison shows the contestants how they stack up and Rick is in the lead with the highest overall percentage of weight loss. Impressively, Anna is right there in the middle--she's ready to work. Alison also announces that the game is changing again--The Biggest Loser Season 10 is going Blue vs. Black! This is when the game really begins; and Anna's picking the teams! This could be a good thing. She will choose six people for each team and one person to have immunity. The person with immunity will join the team who loses a player after elimination this week.

Blue Vs. Black
Anna talks to the players and asks them who they'd prefer to train with. And all the players tell her to take immunity for herself. Anna announces the teams and the black team consists of Rick, Ada, Frado, Brendan, Elizabeth, and Anna. The blue team is made up of Aaron, Jessica, Lisa, Mark, Jesse, and Adam. So obviously she isn't aware of the Brendan-Patrick-Frado (and sometimes Ada) alliance. Not super smart, but at least she didn't make the teams completely unbalanced. Patrick gets immunity and it completely rocks the game. Why didn't Anna give herself immunity?! Even Alison looked surprised. But Anna wanted to make sure she would be with Jillian. Yikes. Jillian is flattered but everyone knows it was a big risk.

Anna explains her decision and her heartbreaking story:

And apparently Patrick is a prize to be won, which creates an interesting lack of motivation for either team to win. It doesn't seem like anyone ever wins when The Biggest Loser goes Blue vs. Black. And why would she give immunity to Patrick of all people?! 

Patrick and the team talk with Bob about the big decision:

The Amazing-ish Race
On to the first Team Challenge! The teams will race to five different food stations throughout downtown Los Angeles, answering a trivia question at each station. For the correct answer, they'll receive a green card with directions. If they get it wrong, they'll have to complete a physical challenge before they can move on. It's a lot like The Amazing Race, but abbreviated. They're playing for 40 weeks of The Biggest Loser meal plans and letters from home! Patrick doesn't have to do any of this crap AND he gets letters from home. Are you regretting your decision yet, Anna? 

The Blue team is off to an early disadvantage, with a wrong answer. The Black team gets their question right but Anna is already lagging. Oh no! The Blue team keeps getting answers wrong, though, and Anna redeemed herself with a correct answer. Still, the race is pretty tight after both teams get one wrong, then Black gets one wrong and Blue gets it right. After the final question, both teams have to climb 21 flights of stairs. To be fair, that question was really specific and hard. The Black team worries about Anna and Elizabeth's asthma as the Blue team is right behind them. The Black team wins and Brendan chivalrously gives his up to Lisa. I almost cried--good move, Brendan! Anna, Frado, and Elizabeth follow suit. 

So it looks like the Black team is throwing the weigh-in to drop Elizabeth or Anna and get Patrick. It's Jillian's turn to deal with all the game-players instead of the underdogs; it's a nice change. The black team makes some sort of agreement (I think it was that they wouldn't throw the weigh-in?) and does a group high-five on it. The Blue team is pretty confident that the Black team will throw the weigh-in. I am pretty confused but the scale doesn't lie!

A Controversial Weigh-In
Adam chooses not to use his growing pound advantage and with that, Patrick is first to weigh in, followed by the Blue team. Things seem pretty normal, Jesse even loses 16 pounds! To beat the Blue team the Black team will have to lose over 52 pounds. Frado, in Alison's words, "needs a lot of calming down." Then Alison gets SASSY. She's had enough of this. Frado says, "its all good," and Alison responds, "not for someone." Go, Alison! 

Anna loses 5 pounds, Elizabeth loses 5, so it's looking good for Blue. It also kind of seems like the Black team could stand to lose Elizabeth. Frado loses 9 and it seems he's not throwing the weigh-in. Too bad, it would have been really devious. Ada lost 9 pounds, and Rick lost 10. It's all up to Brendan, who needs to have lost over 14 pounds to keep the Black team safe. He claims to have "played it straight" (not throw the weigh-in) but he lost 2 pounds. Frado says, "Come on," out loud. Brendan swears that he didn't try to throw the weigh-in. Interesting. If he's telling the truth, that sucks. 

So Patrick will join the Black team, after they eliminate someone. Ada is the only person who is safe, with the highest percentage of weight loss. In the category of extremely un-safe, we have Anna and Elizabeth. Everyone pleads their case and Frado leads us to the break saying, "I have a feeling what's about to go down, and I know that person has no clue what's about to happen." WHOA! Maybe they'll vote Rick out because he's a big threat? No way, it's too soon!

Anna votes for Elizabeth, Elizabeth votes for Rick (big move!). Rick votes for Elizabeth, Ada votes for Rick. Brendan says he's voting for his biggest threat, and votes for Rick. Frado votes for Rick and seals the deal. I can't believe this! It's way too soon! And Patrick is going to be pissed. Rick was blindsided, and so were we. This was game-playing at its best.

Here's a highlights clip, courtesy of NBC, of the elimination:

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