What Should 'The Biggest Loser' Do With Those Giant Donuts?
What Should 'The Biggest Loser' Do With Those Giant Donuts?
This week, The Biggest Loser featured one of the greatest temptations yet. Contestants had to choose whether or not to eat a plate of mini-donuts, in hopes of winning their choice of time slots in the gym. John, of the middle-aged black team, ate 37 mini donuts and never felt better about himself. What set this particular temptation apart from all the others, was the preposterous set. Giant donuts hung from the walls, filled display cases, and littered the floor. It was truly glorious and useless.

In case The Biggest Loser just has all those giant donuts in storage, I have five ideas for ways they can re-use and recycle them! YOU'RE WELCOME, BIGGEST LOSER!

1. Use the donuts (and future Temptation sets) as mile markers in the final marathon.

Toward the end of each season, the remaining Biggest Loser contestants run a marathon. It's very cathartic and they spend a lot of time reflecting on their experience at the ranch as they run. But why just show clips of their journey when you can have physical representations? The contestants could remember the temptations they fought off week after week as they run by a giant, plastic donut.

2. Sell to shops looking to use a donut as the "o" in their sign.

Dunkin' Donuts, uses a donut as their "o," and this is a great opportunity for them to buy in bulk at a low cost. Other options include: screenings of The Simpsons Movie, generic donut shops, A giant, plastic "Biggest Loser" sign to support a hometown favorite, and marriage proposals ("Will y[donut]u marry me?").

3.  Use as inner tubes to float down the river.

Do they float? I don't actually know. This option would be hilarious, but is not advisable.

4. Sell to NBC affiliate, Bravo, to use for Top Chef: Just Desserts.

They just did a Willy Wonka-themed challenge, but they haven't done a donut challenge yet! Watch for these donuts on TCJD, you guys. 

5. Build legs on the donut and add an angry face, place behind the treadmills to use as motivation.

I'd run away from an angry donut man, wouldn't you? Nothing gives you that second wind like fear. It could also be quite symbolic, like they're running away from their past (if in their past, they were threatened by a man shaped like a donut). Scary!

I'll be waiting for your call, NBC!

(image courtesy of NBC)