USA! 'The Biggest Loser' Works Out with the Marines
USA! 'The Biggest Loser' Works Out with the Marines
Alison announces to the contestants that we're at the halfway point, but of course, things will get crazier. It's going to be "an all out war," meaning that the Marines are coming in! For some reason, Alison grimaced as they came in, and I imagine it's been a long day for her already. Frado is delighted to see the Marines because he joined the Marine Corps at 17 (he also learned the truth at seventeen . . .). I will be playing the Biggest Loser Workout Game along with tonight's episode so I've already eaten a piece of Halloween candy for Alison phoning it in (but it fell on the floor after I unwrapped it. Damn.)

The Marines tell the Biggest Loser Contestants that they'll be sweating (among other things) like the United States Marines. This week is going to be . . . intense. The contestants tiredly oblige as the Marines run them outside and have them put on vests and helmets. I bet everyone on the blue team is kind of wishing they had been voted out instead of Adam. 

So the next morning, presumably, the contestants have to suit up in their gear and no one is more excited about it than Frado. Next the Marines fly in two big helicopters and again, some are more into it than others. They ride around in the helicopters for a nice view of Camp Pendleton before landing to meet Alison. Alison tells them a few vague directions, "follow their lead, follow their orders, follow that road," and sends them off to "hit the barracks." But somehow they figure out that it's time for a fast-paced hike up a dirt road. Brendan tells us, "if you don't work as a unit, YOU DIE!" and I'm counting that as sounding like the mafia (15 jumping jacks!). 

At this point in the episode, I am SO glad I'm not in the Marines. It's ruthless! The Marines are really pushing the teamwork angle, which Frado really loves all of a sudden. But then again, his team is his family, right? In addition to teamwork, the Marines want to tell the Biggest Loser Contestants that "you can do anything you put your frickin' heart to." 

LET'S GO LET'S GO! On their way out, they get rifles for weigh lifting. We know it's rough because the show is giving us an "it's really hard" montage. After said montage, they have an obstacle course stretched over three miles. Ouch! It's about getting your whole team through, obviously, and in addition, they have three ten-pound weights in their backpacks. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you are), they can distribute the weights however they want. The reward for winning the challenge is phone calls home. 

The black team decides to re-distribute the weight (guys get 40, women get 20), as the blue team decides everyone will carry an equal amount. The teams duck under a rope, push a vehicle, and carry an "injured Marine." There's lots of yelling and the blue team maintains their lead as Elizabeth falls behind (AGAIN). Elizabeth collapses and it really moves Brendan, who has seen it happen to her before. Not to be a bitch, but maybe you should vote her out, guys. It's not about winning for the black team anymore, it's about finishing. Blue team finishes and gets their phone calls right there on the beach.

Yay, Bob and Jillian are back! WHOA, Brendan got his head and beard shaved to be more like a Marine. Bob said, "you want to fall into this conformity, it feels good!" which is a little bit frightening. I like the Last Chance Workout with Bob and Jillian because it feels more familiar, and that Marine stuff was crazy. And Bob is able to give us a little Fiber One product placement to boot (15 lunges if you're playing at home!).

See Brendan get his hair cut:

It's time for the weigh-in and since they weren't there for a lot of it, get ready for shocked looks from Bob and Jillian. The blue team is up first: Mark lost 7, Jessica lost 4, Lisa lost 2, Bob is dismayed (5 crunches!). Jessica blames the food at the mess hall, which we saw Jesse scarfing down this week. Sadly, Jesse gained a pound. In the Biggest Loser Workout Game, I said this would mean 10 lunges, but I'm changing it to "eat a piece of candy" because we shouldn't have to pay for Jesse's mistakes. Plus I just did 5 crunches for Bob's shocked face. Aaron is the team's saving grace, losing 14 pounds. Good job, Aaron!

Time for the black team to weigh in. Ada lost 7, Patrick lost 7, Brendan lost 4, Anna only lost 2 and the weigh-in comes to a stand-still. "This is what happens," Jillian warns. Okay. Elizabeth gained a pound. Could this be the end for Elizabeth? Frado needs to have lost more than 9 pounds. He is really hoping for "just not plus six," and Alison has to confront him about that (she hates him! Also, if you're playing at home this weigh-in is making us sweat). Frado apologizes before he even sees his number. Sure enough, he gained FOUR POUNDS. Wow. The black team really screwed up this week. I wonder if the producers are regretting this whole "work out with the Marines" thing because it clearly didn't work so well.

At the vote (this show should really be an hour every week), Anna is getting votes. WHY are we not voting for Elizabeth? Anna is voted out and it's really pretty messed up. I don't see the advantage to keeping Elizabeth around. Anna, you got the raw end of the deal but you look great! 

On the next The Biggest Loser: Bob pays one eliminated player a surprise visit on LIVE TV!

What did you think of this week? Did you even get to see this episode? What do you think about the show only being an hour long?

(image and video courtesy of NBC)