This Week's Biggest Losers Make the Ultimate Sacrifice
This Week's Biggest Losers Make the Ultimate Sacrifice
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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Last week was rough for everyone on The Biggest Loser campus, and this episode starts out where the last one left off. The Red team is still sitting around the elimination table, when Alison announces that something is going to change this week. She pulls the Black team in to reveal that, this week, two people are going to be going home. As usual, the team that loses the least amount will vote to send someone home, but there will also be a red line. Whoever falls below will be sent home. No questions, no negotiation. How will this season's team deal with that? So far, they've negotiated and sacrificed and saved each other. Let's see how they handle under pressure, shall we?

No Front Here

Afterward, Brett and Cara meet the Red team outside and act shocked when they hear about this week's catch. Cara does a much better job of looking surprised than she usually does. Good job, Cara. Brett vows that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY anyone from his team is going home this week. So he takes them all to Bas Rutton's mixed martial arts training gym. Brett: "As we say in New York, there's no front here." Really, Brett? Really?

This training session is kind of a big deal for Rulon, because he once trained with Bas. He hasn't seen Bas since, and he seems downright humiliated to be placed in a situation of explaining his current condition to his former trainer. I can't say I blame him.

The team punches some bags, then punches a partner with pads on, and lastly they spar with Brett. Again, this is a workout where one person at a time works while everyone else watches. And we're wondering why the Red team has lost the last two weigh-ins. If this were Bob and Jillian, everyone would be on the Stairmaster while they watched the sparring. With medicine balls held over their heads. And Jillian walking across their shoulders.

At the end of the training session, Bas comes out to surprise Rulon. Rulon stammers his way through an explanation. He tells Bas that, since that last fight in Japan, he's stopped taking care of himself, and this is the final result. Bas bears up well, considering the hideous awkwardness of the situation. He congratulates Rulon on his weight loss so far and encourages him to set a goal and not divert from it.

Back at the Ranch

Back at the Ranch, Jillian tells everyone, "I don't mind if you throw up today. That would just make me happy." Ah, there's the Jillian I know and love!

Bob takes Arthur on his own. Because Arthur lost so much weight last week, it's not likely that he'll throw up a huge number this week. Bob works him extra hard, doing squats, scorpion flips, and jumping jacks ad nauseam.

While this is happening, Jillian has the team doing sprint intervals on the treadmills. She pushes each of them to levels that they haven't been able to run at before, and then tells them that, this day, they have each glimpsed their own potential. She tells them that nothing in them changed except their abilities to get out of their own ways. "What else in your life are you doing half-assed?" she asks.

Watch her work Marci out here:

Father-Daughter Bonding

Kaylee is another at-risk contestant this week. Because she is coming closer to her goal weight, it is going to be more difficult for her to consistently lose weight. So, Moses decides to wake her up every morning at 5:30 for extra training. "We are going to push each other until we fall on the ground." If it were my dad, I would be less than impressed, but given the circumstances I think Moses is doing the sweetest thing ever.


There are enormous black and red balls on one end of a football field. Alison is wearing a normal outfit today and she explains the game to the two teams. Each team is going to have to transport six of these enormous balls from one end of the football field to the other. However, they can't let the balls hit the ground, one person can't hit the ball twice in a tow, and they can't catch and carry the balls. As a kicker, they all have to wear awkward boxing gloves. The winner gets a three-pound advantage. Black has to sit out two people, and they choose Arthur and Sarah. Let the games begin.

My first thought was that Black would have an advantage, given Hannah's past as a collegiate-level volleyball player. However, once again, Black gets bogged down by their lack of strategy, while Red quickly learns from their mistakes and excels. This seems to be a common theme this season. When is Black going to figure this out and shape up?

Red quickly forms a core group of four people who take turns hitting the ball as they run, with extra people forming a kind of safety around the borders. Their plan works, because they get five balls into their net by the time the Black team even gets one. They win easily. Three pounds isn't a huge advantage for them, but it is important that they are taking that advantage away from the Red team.

Team Meeting

Back at the Ranch, Marci calls a team meeting in which lots of dancing around the main point is done. In the event that they lose the weigh-in, Marci wants to know if Deni and Jesse are as eager to fall on the sword to save their children as she is. She and Deni agree that they would sacrifice to let Courtney and Sarah stay. They continually ask Jesse how he feels about it, but at this point I'm kind of confused about what, exactly, they mean. Finally, Arthur calls them out. "So, one of you will stand below the red line, and you want my dad to be the one who gets voted off.  Right?" Jesse says that he doesn't feel comfortable with this idea because he doesn't want to assume that they are going to lose. Also, he is offended that people are acting as if he isn't going to do the best thing to help Arthur.

Finally, Jesse, the quiet, loving one, gives everyone a piece of his mind. He says that people are trying to make him feel guilty because he hasn't volunteered to do anything, and he resents it. If there is anything he can do to protect people, he will do it, but he's not sure that anyone deserves to be at the Ranch more than he does. He calls everyone out on expecting him to go quietly just because he is old. And, personally? I think he's right. Jesse does well, loses a lot, and has a great attitude. Who is to say he should go home more than anyone else should? Olivia apparently doesn't agree with me, and storms out. Everyone complains to the camera that they are doing everything they can to save Jesse's son, and that he thinks he deserves to be here more than they do. They are offended but, um? He didn't say that. So yeah. There's that.


Everyone is super uncomfortable and nervous at this weigh-in.  More so than usual, and that's saying something.

Austin is first. He loses seven pounds to hit 299. He is out of the three-hundreds and stoked about it.

Ken loses five pounds to hit 291. He's less than happy about it, but that's still a respectable number. Nevertheless, it puts him at the bottom of the pile. Then again, only two people have weighed in so far. Ken can recover.

Rulon loses four pounds and instantly says that he wants to hide in shame. Four pounds puts him at 1.08% and at the bottom of the list.

Kaylee is very nervous, but apparently her early workouts with Moses did their job because she loses a whopping seven pounds to lead her team. She weighs 180 and is so happy.

Moses pulls eleven, a big number as usual. He now weighs 322 pounds.

Jen steps on the scale and everybody's jaw drops. Jen gains two pounds, and by the way she's crying, I don't think she threw the week. It's no secret that I think Jen is kind of whiny, but even I feel bad for her now. Rulon feels bad and hugs her, but obviously he's excited that he is now safe.

The Black team needs to lose forty-four pounds and roughly five pounds a person to beat the Red team this week. Tensions are high.

Arthur is first, which must mean he has a decent number because if there were any suspense involved they would save him for last, like they always do. He loses a respectable nine pounds and is now at 406. He has officially lost 101 pounds since the beginning of the season. Go Arthur!

Olivia loses four pounds. She's disappointed in herself and everyone starts to look more nervous.

Sarah loses four pounds to land her at 204. She is only five pounds away from One-derland!

Irene loses three pounds, and Hannah only loses one. This is shaping up to be a scary week.

Courtney loses two, which is her lowest weight loss of any week so far. She says sweet things about Jen working hard and not deserving to go home, but everyone is too caught up in the emotional drama to pay attention.

Then Marci steps onto the scale and gains a pound. Immediately, she admits to throwing the week. She says that saving Courtney, Sarah, and Arthur is what feels right to her. She owns her decision and tells Dr. Jillian that if she wants to analyze that, she is more than welcome to. However, only gaining one pound puts Marci at +.55%, which means that Jen is still at the bottom of the pile.

Jesse is up next. Now that he doesn't need to be worried about saving Arthur, he is less nervous. Jesse gains three pounds. He says that his greatest fear would be for him to be at line fifteen and Arthur to be at line sixteen. Arthur is openly crying. He tells the teams that if he can ever be half the man his dad is, he will be one happy man. You guys, I almost cried. And so did my roommates, I swear. Jesse says that everyone has to go home sometime, but it doesn't mean his weight loss is at an end. His percentage is +1.26%, which puts him at the bottom of the pile, replacing Jen.

Next is Deni, who gains eight. Eight. Yes, you read that right. Sarah immediately starts crying, hard. Deni explains that all the "kids" on her team are her kids, and that every day they get to be at the Ranch they are learning to be more physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. She tells everyone that the hardest thing she ever had to do was watch Sarah lose pregnancies and almost bleed to death over a ruptured pregnancy, and know that it was her fault for teaching Sarah her emotional eating habits. When Alison tells her that she is not the biggest loser, she retorts, "No, I'm the biggest winner," and the entire room claps and doesn't stop.

For the first time all season, Deni is a leader. At +4.08%, Deni is eliminated.

However, there is still an elimination.  I can already tell that I am not going to like the results.

Watch Deni's sacrifice here:


Courtney is up first. She votes for Jesse, because of the two people who volunteered to sacrifice themselves, she is obviously not going to vote for her mom.

Sarah also votes for Jesse. She gives the usual bull about knowing that he can successfully lose weight at home, but I really want to know why he is being picked over Marci. This is confusing me, guys. Jesse has more potential to keep losing weight. Marci is achieving her goal weight. Soon she's going to have a hard time putting up anything bigger than three.

Olivia also votes for Jesse. Hannah, too, votes for Jesse. Big surprise. I DON'T GET IT.

Because she's not going to vote for herself, Marci votes for Jesse.

They all thank him for his endless help and support and cry about losing him. Arthur is practically weeping. I am too. Guys, I love Jesse. Why is he leaving?! Someone explain to me who is going to make me smile now, because it sure as heck isn't Jen or Austin.

To see the complete elimination, watch the video below:

At-Home Results

Because he is awesome at everything he does, Jesse currently weighs 227 and runs a weekly walking program in his community. He wants to help inspire those around him to get healthy, and encourages his friends and neighbors to "take it one step at a time." His goal by the finale is to have a thirty-two inch waist, and I really, really want him to do it. Really, you guys.

Deni is also doing great. She weighs 170 and has lost eighty-six pounds! We get to see lots of cute footage of her running around with her grandchildren playing games. We also get to see her sit down with that daughter whose wedding she missed, and they watch the video together and cry. Aw, you guys.

Stay tuned for next week. Everyone gets to go home for two weeks for no apparent reason. Apparently Austin gets tempted by cake and, if the previews are leading me correctly, this makes Jillian cry. Good gets.

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