The Good and The Bad On Last Night's 'Biggest Loser'
The Good and The Bad On Last Night's 'Biggest Loser'
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last night was kind of a mixed bag, people. We had some things that make me cheer, and we had some things that made me jeer. Let's review, shall we?

The Good

1) While Jillian may not have thought so, I thought last night's challenge prize was amazing. Sure, it wasn't immunity or a pound advantage, but the prize Rulon, Hannah and Jay got last night gave them something more important. Their prize came in the form of dignity and self confidence. And sushi.

No, but seriously. I'm not sure if Jay and Rulon were effected in the same way, but I know the effect this must have had on Hannah. For anyone, but for women especially, it's nice to feel pretty. It's nice to be able to get dressed up and have people admire you, to feel special and pampered. More than that, though, I think last night was a special opportunity for the Black team. Not only did they get to feel great about the progress they've made by dressing up and feeling great, they also got to see how people besides their families reacted to their new selves. It's important to see how the changes they've made in themselves at the Ranch are perceived and appreciated by other people. I think this was a great opportunity for them to appreciate and understand the progress they've made.

2) Jillian. Jillian, Jillian, Jillian! I am ecstatic with Jillian this week. Instead of harranguing Rulon about his diet, she listened and focused on "opening up lines of communication." This just goes to show Jillian's talent as a trainer; she knows when competitors need tough love, and when the need something different. I am applauding Jillian for pointing out that deprivation is never a good way to look at weight loss, and introducing the idea of "bad" foods in moderation, to keep Rulon on the diet train. Keeping on a strict, strict diet every second of every single day isn't only difficult, it's well-nigh unrealistic in the real world. Learning to indulge his cravings in moderation is an important skill for Rulon, and the kind of thing I would like to see more of on The Biggest Loser.

The Bad

1) There was a real opportunity for some knowledge to be shared last night. Remember when Brett was talking with Courtney about her weight plateau? The information about her body's "starvation mode" was useful stuff to know about. Everyone who is trying to lose weight eventually hits a plateau, and I was excited to learn about how Brett was going to tackle Courtney's plateau. As he explained, Courtney has reached a point where cutting calories and upping exercise simple isn't going to make it work anymore. How do we combat this?

Brett vague advice, "Uh, so we tackle it from both ends." Wait, what? Could he be any less specific? Does this mean he's just going to cut more calories from her diet and add another hour of cardio to her regimine? Is this going to help? At this point, the idea of increasing an already high level of cardio and cutting an already low level of calories sounds shady to me. I would have liked a lot more info about this. Brett, you failed me.

2) "Woah woah. Stop? No. You keep going. You tolerence. Isn't that what you do here?" 

Remember the medic from last night? What a charming fellow. This is the first close-up encounter we've had with Biggest Loser medical staff all seaon, and it made me feel shaken. Ken felt a serious pain in his side. Now, we know Ken. He works out hard and he throws up big numbers every week. Clearly, he is not a guy who is afraid to work out and push himself to the limit. So, when he complains of a serious pain, wouldn't it maybe be be wise to give creedance to his claim? Why ignore him? Why write his request off without fully examinging him?! The medic didn't even touch Ken before sending him off to walk the presidential mile. I've heard horrible rumors of people getting voted off the Ranch and going straight to the hospital because of the level of their ignored, exercise-related injuries. I like to give stories like this the benefit of the doubt, but what we saw last night supports them. This is not the way to treat serious injuries, people. This isn't a high school football team in the 1950's. We know better now than to simple call people babies and tell them to walk it off. Biggest Loser, I am disgusted and ashamed. And I hope get rid of that "medic" we saw last night.

3) We lost Courtney. Enough said. I'm still in mourning.