The 'Biggest Loser' Workout Game
The 'Biggest Loser' Workout Game
Initially, I was tempted to make a Biggest Loser drinking game, but I had a feeling it wouldn't go over well. Some television shows are best accompanied with a glass of wine, but The Biggest Loser is not one of them (I usually end up eating pizza while I watch it, but that's my business). So instead I've created a workout game, where if something happens you have to complete a physical task. That way, by the end you'll be sweaty instead of drunk and sweaty. If you want to, however, you can substitute drinks for sit-ups etc. just don't tell Jillian. Also, I'm not a personal trainer so you can substitute whatever activity you think would work best.

Do 5 Crunches Every Time:

*Someone leaves the gym in the middle of a workout.
*We see Bob look shocked at the weigh-in.
*Someone uses "this person can do it at home" as an excuse to cast a vote at the elimination.
*Someone drops double digits on the scale (10 if it's a woman)
*Someone gets an injury (7 if it takes them out of a challenge)
*Anyone mentions this season's theme: "paying it forward"
*There's a flashback to a contestant's earlier weeks or submission video

Do 10 Lunges Every Time:

*We see a celebrity (15 if it's Curtis Stone or Tim Gunn, 7 for a former Biggest Loser contestant)
*Alison confronts a contestant on the scale.
*We see a product placement, 15 if it's incorporated into the episode (ie; Bob telling a contestant about how they can control their cravings with Extra Sugar-Free Gum or Bob takes his team to Subway to sample their new Build a Better Breakfast menu).
*A contestant gains weight on the scale.
*Jillian has contestants hit a giant tire with a sledgehammer. 

Eat a Piece of Halloween Candy (don't act like you don't have a bunch sitting around) When:

*Alison introduces a Temptation that one or more contestants participate in
*It seems like Alison is just phoning it in.
*Contestants come back who we thought were eliminated.

Do 15 Jumping Jacks Every Time:

*Frado, Brendan, or Patrick say something that makes them sound like the mafia (ie; referencing "family," "protection," or vague statements about how someone will get what's coming to them)
*Jillian gets a breakthrough from one of the contestants.
*We see Dr. Huizenga
*Bob or Jillian cries (20 if Alison cries)

Go for a Nice Walk or Jog Later if:

*Bob has the contestants do yoga.
*The contestants run a marathon.
*The contestants do some sort of volunteer or charity work.
*It's makeover week!

Adopt a Shelter Animal if:

*One of the contestants tries to kiss Alison on the lips. 
*Dr. Huizenga dresses up as the Grim Reaper for fun/a good scare.
*Jillian punches a contestant.

(image courtesy of NBC)