'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Temptations Take Over the Game
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Temptations Take Over the Game
Buddy's birthday invites the perfect chance for Allison to roll out this season's second temptation challenge. As with past seasons, this temptation will allow the person who consumes the most calories to take control of the teams and rearrange them how they see fit. It could prove to be the pivotal game changer that sends one person off to victory this season.

Daphne Goes Big

All of the contestant's favorite foods are laid out before them with the free reign to tear into all they can eat for three minutes. Mark is the first one up and very daintily tips his toe in the water with a couple pieces of venison. Kim even spells out her strategy to eat about 200 calories and call it a day. It takes 3,500 calories to equal a pound of weight and you can pretty easily burn 200 calories in 10 minutes of light jogging. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to take total control of the game, snatch up the people already losing big numbers on your team and indulge your cravings? You're going to be spending all that time working out anyway.

Daphne appears to share that sentiment because she scarfed down about 18 peanut butter cups to take the anonymous win. Unfortunately, she makes the short-sighted swap of Jeremy for Conda for the sole purpose of avenging her brother's blood-soaked ascot.

Sentimentality Takes Center Stage

As the numbers have dwindled the past eight weeks, the daunting task of filling two hours of programming is starting to take its toll. This week we were treated to the background stories of Cassandra and both of the Kims. However, the best part was when we ... wait ...Subway HAS BREAKFAST NOW!? (Let's suspend the reality that this has been the case for a good few years now.) AS MANY VEGETABLES AS I WANT!?

Dolvett leads a hike to multiple Subways before just dropping all pretense and cutting a full promo for their breakfast menu. It's just insulting. And at what point does Congress launch an investigation looking into where Subway is getting the money to advertise on virtually every television show and sporting event on the planet?

Weigh-In Time

Jeremy proves to be an asset for his new comrades by losing 11 pounds to bring his season weight loss to 80 pounds. He commemorated the accomplishment by diving into some hair gel for the night's weigh-in. The red team posts a gaudy number that requires their opponents to lose over 50 pounds. It's a goal that seems way too lofty under any circumstances, but Daphne believes that the fix is in and her team is taking a dive.

No one can be shocked to learn that Conda is the mastermind behind this shady plan. Just when it seemed that there would be one week where Conda doesn't find a new low. Daphne gains two pounds, which points to the thought that she had emotionally checked out this week anyway. However, it also means that Conda will skate by for another week, despite gaining weight. There's fewer and fewer disparaging descriptors I can come up with to explain the behavior of Conda on this show, but I'll get to work digging into my thesaurus in preparation for whatever she pulls next week.

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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