The Biggest Loser: Ron Morelli's Council Seat Is Safe
When news that Ron Morelli—one half of father and son pair Ron and Mike, on the latest run of The Biggest Loser: Couples—was in danger of losing his seat in the city council of South Lyons, Michigan, the reaction was a slight surprise.  If you may recall, he was missing council meetings since he's shooting the show, and the city's charter state that a member can be pegged for removal if he missed three consecutive meetings, or four meetings in a year, without being excused.

You were straightforward in your responses: why should politics interfere with one's health?  And then you can throw in an expletive.  But there's no reason to worry now, though.  The council voted, 3-2, to excuse Morelli's absences while he is away shooting Loser.  So far, he's missed seven meetings; five of them have been excused, since they've been discussing the matter every meeting.  This vote finally enables Morelli to keep his seat, at least throughout his run on the show.

According to city manager David Murphy, Morelli informally told the council of his plans to join the show, but since this was during the audition stages, he wasn't sure yet whether he'd get in or not.

Two council members voted not to excuse him, but they argued that they're only trying to uphold the charter.  However, another council member, Dick Selden, thought that he didn't see anybody who supported the Loser contestant mark his absences as unexcused, unless something “dramatic” happens.

Becky Morelli, the contestant's wife, is happy that the council decided to keep him in the council.  “I respect the members who are trying to uphold the charter,” she said.  “But my husband is trying to help himself and our son overcome some of the battles Ron has had to face throughout his life.”

He has so far lost 60 pounds from an initial weight of 430 pounds; he and his son were almost eliminated from last night's episode, barely making the cut as Daniel and David were sent home due to a vote-off.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: The Detroit News
(Image courtesy of NBC)