'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Week 2 Curse
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Week 2 Curse
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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The Biggest Loser leaves it all up to chance this week. With the threat of the week two curse looming over everyone, the first challenge determines who will have an advantage at the weigh-in. A roll of the die determines the fate of each team and ultimately leads to the first elimination. There are many heart-to-hearts, more contestants to meet and, of course, plenty of inspiring workouts.

Heart to Hearts

Last week, Jillian used her Trainer Save on Craig. She wants to start the week out by having a heart to heart with him. They discuss the source of Craig's obesity, which he attributes to his father's death when he was a child. His father was only 32 years old, and Craig feels there is a countdown over his life as he is a few short years away from that age. He is renewed by the Trainer Save and is determined to get a big number on the scale this week. 

Dolvette and Jennifer also have a heart to heart because he feels she is struggling in her workouts. She had the lowest weight loss on their team last week and he wants her to know that he chose her for his team because he believes in her. We learn more about Jennifer for the first time. One of her main motivations for being on the ranch is to learn healthier habits for her whole family. Her youngest daughter has picked up her habits and is now 70 pounds overweight herself. Jennifer is riddled with guilt, but determined to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We learn more about Hap because his wife has a baby this week while he is on the ranch. They are able to talk online and he is able to see his son for the first time. He is very emotional when talking with this family, but it gives him the motivation he needs to put every ounce of work into his time on the ranch to make it worth it for them. 

Dolvette and Ruben have an appointment with Dr. H., who reveals that Ruben now has Type 2 Diabetes. Ruben responds that he is upset (though he doesn't seem as upset as one would expect) and states that he is determined to live a healthier lifestyle. Commendably, he turns this news around and says it is simply more motivation to get healthy. 

The First Challenge: A Roll of the Die

This is the contestants' first challenge. They are at once excited and terrified, as they should be. Allison Sweeney reveals that only one person's weight will count for each team this week at the weigh-in. They also won't know who will be weighing in for the team until the weigh-in itself, which will be determined by the roll of a die with their faces on it. The team that wins the challenge will be given an additional die and the trainer will get to choose who weighs in for the team between the two contestants.

As they often are, this challenge is a struggle. The contestants have to race over a hill with buckets of water and pour them into a large vat until it passes the yellow line. The number of buckets they are allowed to carry is also determined by the roll of a die. The first team to fill their vat past the yellow line wins. The twist: because their fate at the weigh-in is tied together, the contestants are literally tethered to one another for the whole challenge.

The challenge is a grind as each team has to pass over the hill multiple times. The White team consistently rolls low numbers so are only allowed so many buckets. The Red and Blue teams quickly surge ahead, but they are neck and neck with one another until the bitter end. The Red team pours half of its bucket on the ground without realizing it and has to go back up the hill once more to race the Blue team. It is very close, but the Blue team wins by a bucket. They now have the advantage of the second die at the weigh-in.

The Week 2 Curse

As usual, the workouts are brutal this week, but especially so because the trainers are worried about the Week 2 Curse. Each season, contestants consistently drop a large amount of weight during the first week and then their bodies react by holding onto the weight the second week. Many contestants have gone home due to low weight loss during the second week. 

During the last chance workout, Hap uses his determination from his family and runs a mile so fast that he pukes afterwards. Bob (with his crazy mustache) is proud of Hap and sees that he is a champion. Bob is proud of the Blue team for winning a second die and sees it as a real advantage. 

Jillian reveals that she has never had the greatest luck and is therefore worried about the roll of the die at the weigh-in. She works each contestant extremely hard since they have nothing to save them this week if they lose the weigh-in, as she used her Trainer Save last week.

The Red team is working hard and in the end believe that any of them could step on that scale to represent the team well. Tanya is especially focused on making sure her team knows that she has worked hard.

The Weigh-In

Dolvette rolls his die first and the contestant that will be representing the Red team is: Tanya. Good thing she worked hard.

Jillian rolls for the White team and the contestant that will be representing them is: Fernanda. We learn that Fernanda is on the ranch for herself, but also to save her marriage and be a role model to her children. 

Bob rolls his first die and it lands on Chelsea. He rolls the second die and it lands on Hap. Bob is thrilled because he knows that Hap worked hard this week and chooses Hap to represent the Blue team.

The Blue team weighs in first, and Hap loses 13 pounds, or 3.37% weight loss. The White team weighs in next, and in classic Week Two Curse fashion, Fernanda loses only 2 pounds, or 0.84%. The Red team weighs in last and it is going to be close. Tanya and Fernanda are very similar sizes, so Allison tells her she has to lose more than 2 pounds to win the weigh-in. It is a very close race, but Tanya pulls through with a 4-pound weight loss, or 1.63%. The White team loses the weigh-in.

Because there is a red line, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss on the team is forced to go home. Unfortunately, Fernanda has the lowest percentage and is sent home. She is heartbroken, but determined to use what she has learned to continue losing weight at home. I am bummed that she was sent home because she seems to have a lot of emotional work to do, but sometimes being at home is a better environment for some contestants. Here's hoping she is one of them!

Next week, we will get to see Fernanda's at-home transformation, the contestants get calls from home and it is promised to be the most shocking weigh-in yet. 

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