'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Ruben Studdard Returns
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Ruben Studdard Returns
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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After a controversial weigh-in on The Biggest Loser last week, the White Team is struggling. It was revealed in the previous episode that Jillian and her team were penalized after taking caffeine supplements without the doctors knowing, which overturned the results from the week before. Therefore, the player who was originally eliminated at that weigh-in was allowed to return. Thus, Ruben Studdard has returned! This will likely be a huge boost in morale and weight loss (not to mention ratings) for the Red Team. 

The Blue Team has also been dominating the show week after week. At the start of the show, they have yet to lose a weigh-in, they still have their Trainer Save and they have won every challenge for the past five weeks. It seems that Jillian's team is always made up of underdogs. Then again, they tend to win as well. See: the Season 14 winner Dani, aka the sole member of the White Team for weeks on end, who makes a return to the show this week. This should prove to be another interesting episode.

At-Home Reveal

Craig from The White Team was eliminated last week and we now get to check in with him to see how he has been doing at home. He has lost over 100 pounds at this point. He is moving on from his demons and looking good doing it. Good on you, Craig.

Ruben Returns

Ruben has a way of lifting everyone's spirits, including my own. I'm glad to see him back and hope that he makes the most of his second-second chance. He says he has been working out and eating right at home, which is good news for his team.

In a strange segment, Dolvette takes Ruben to famous music producer David Foster's house to "watch what he can do." They are clearly banking on Ruben Studdard's celebrity status and I'm guessing the song that he is working on will be an inspirational performance at the finale and then will be immediately available to download on iTunes. 

White Team Heart to Heart

Jillian often causes waves on The Biggest Loser, which is why the season without her was such a snooze. She apologizes to the White Team for her error in judgement. She tells them it was unfair to use them to prove that her professional opinion (that caffeine supplements are better than copious amounts of coffee) was unfair and that they were simply the collateral damage. They seem upset, but they say they will stand behind her, just as she has stood behind them thus far. I appreciate them for that.

The Challenge: Cold Hard Cash

Each team has a pile of team-colored balls that they have to pass back and forth and ultimately toss in a bin for points. The first team with 30 points wins. It seems unnecessarily complicated, but at least we are back to challenges that get the contestants moving again. Another incentive is that everyone on the winning team will go home with $1,000.

The Blue Team is invested in keeping their winning streak going, while the other teams are hungry to break it. In the end, the motivation to break the streak is stronger and Red Team wipes the floor with Blue Team. Underdog White Team comes in at a close second. The Red Team talk about how much fun they are having, how they are becoming a family and this is important to Rachel who has isolated herself for several years and now feels like she has friends for life. I really like her and hope she stays for a long time.

Bring on the Waterworks

The contestants watch their initial interviews and submission videos to The Biggest Loser to see how far they have come in six weeks. They are all moved, motivated, embarrassed and ultimately inspired by their former selves. It is also officially revealed that Bobby is gay, and I cannot recall exactly, but he may be the first out contestant on the show, which is awesome! I am loving that the contestants are getting letters from home, calls from home and incremental motivation by the show. It seems to keep them from losing it, which has happened to too many contestants in the past. 

For further inspiration, season 14 winner Dani arrives on the ranch to bring the contestants sponsored Subway sandwiches and talk about how amazing she is. That is not snark, I think she is amazing and I enjoyed last season solely because of her. The contestants are continually inspired, which is always good to see.

The Weigh-In

The Blue Team weighs in first. They have had an off week by first losing the challenge, so they are worried about their numbers. Each contestant has low numbers across the board, except for Chelsea who is finally in "Wonderland," aka what contestants in The Biggest Loser house call being in the one-hundreds of weight again.

The White Team weighs in next and each contestant has consistent scores until Tumi weighs in. She has a huge weight loss of 11 pounds, saving the White Team from elimination. 

The Red Team weighs in last with consistently low numbers. Even though Ruben is back, he only pulls an eight, which I know is pretty low for a guy his size after watching The Biggest Loser for several years. David steps up to weigh in and loses a whopping 17 pounds! Yes, you read that right -- 17 pounds in one week. He was the only reason they won that weigh-in and the only reason they won the challenge. He feels like this was his hero week and he is very proud of himself and the Red Team. He weirded me out at first, but I'm really starting to warm to him.

Therefore, the Blue Team loses the weigh-in and Bob has to determine whether or not to use his Trainer Save on Matt, who earlier in the show said he would know he was doing something right if Bob never had to use the save on him. Well, poor Matt, because he is obviously not doing something right given his own criteria.  Bob is initially unsure whether or not to use his save on Matt, but ultimately decides to save him, because of course!

There are no Trainer Saves left, and from here on out, someone will be going home every week. I'm hoping the yellow line makes an appearance soon because the voting is always so tense.

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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