'The Biggest Loser' Recap: One Weight to Rule Them All
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: One Weight to Rule Them All
Last week's team shakeup left everyone unsettled and Jessica packing her bags to train for the marathon. The other teams justify this by saying that Jessica was a threat. Ramon is pissed, but he also knows that revenge is a dish best served with a side of Extra Dessert Delights.

Joe knows he upset Ramon, but Ramon doesn't give a crap about teamwork anymore because that was his WOMAN. He tells Vinny that he's playing his own game now. The next morning, Alison has a message for the trainers: each team will have one person represent them on the scale. It's up to the trainers to decide who--they will decide at the weigh-in. Bob deems this "crazy," but you know, in a casual crazy way.

The trainers tell their teams the news, and they react with a mixture of pretend-fear and ambivalence. The red team doesn't have to worry because John is obviously going to weigh in for him and Bonnie. This works out GREAT for Bonnie, really. Bob has a more difficult decision, with Antone losing regular double digits and Vinny not losing as much as he should. Then there's Becky, who would have a bigger percentage IF she can lose the weight.

Anna is worried because Sunny has been yo-yo-ing, Ramon doesn't give a rat's a**, and Joe hasn't been doing as well as John. Dolvett pretends to have a tough decision on his hands ("what if this is John's week to plateau?" What if Bonnie doesn't fall down and worry everyone this week?).

Anna pushes Sunny to be more like her and not show her feelings, and Dolvett approaches Bonnie, who he acknowledges is not supposed to be here. He tells Bonnie to lose more than 7 pounds and prove everyone wrong. Bonnie needs to know that Bonnie deserves to be here. Bob focuses on bringing a breakthrough/personality out of Becky.

Dolvett discusses food addiction with Bonnie:

Now it's time for a Biggest Loser cooking challenge. Is it time to bring in Hot Chef Curtis Stone? Last season's winner, Olivia, is one of the judges. She doesn't look as thin as she did at the finale, but she looks healthy. The next chef is Devin Alexander, who wrote The Biggest Loser Quick and Easy Cookbook. Where is Curtis Stone? Too busy being everywhere?

The winning team will get a one pound advantage for their player, and their recipe in the Quick 'n Easy cookbook! Quick! Easy! One pound! Five minutes! Get on it! The trainers help their teams come up with the quickest, 'n easiest, healthiest recipe they can muster in five minutes.

Nobody is more excited about this than Dolvett. He is just sparkling; the man loves competitive cooking! The red team's meat is looking a little too red, though. The dishes are called London Bridge, No Mess Tex-Mex Fajitas, and Slimmer Summer Slaw. Don't be won over by the fancy names, Devin Alexander!

Dolvett explains that "London Bridge" means bridging the gap between good and bad eating. And it's a London Broil. They should have called it the San Francisco Bridge because that thing is RED, honey!

No Mess Tex-Mex Fajitas is hard to say, but the dish has its bigness going for it. The question is, though, would you want any of these non-professional hapdash recipes? It's looking good for the cranberry-Asian slaw, though.

The Slimmer Summer Slaw it is! Bob wins AGAIN. Enjoy your recipe in that book, Bob. Olivia's not done with them yet, though, Olivia is going to have a meal with the black team and tell them how to succeed. She also, weirdly, has scrapbooks for them from home. Did Olivia look at them on the plane ride over? I would have! I love a thoughtfully assembled scrapbook.

Whoa, remember how Vinny has a hot wife? I bet Olivia was like, "good job, Vinny!" as she was riding first class on the Biggest Loser jet.

Watch the moment again:

Sunny tells Anna, after a tennis workout, that she feels good about herself. Anna responds coldly, "you're staying focused and working hard. That's what it takes." Always the maternal figure.

It's time for the contestants to get Huizenga'd again. This time he brought a brain scientist who wants to research what happens in the pleasure centers of your brain when you think about food or smell food. There was a very unkind CG image of a "lean person" with a hamburger in front of their face and an obese CG person smiling when presented with three CG hamburgers. We don't need the arrows showing that the burgers go into the mouth, brain scientist, we get it.

Ramon is not excited to see Dr. Huizenga, who riddled him with diagnoses last time. This time, though, Ramon doesn't have diabetes anymore. But Dr. H has a warning--if you gain any weight, he is sending diabetes for you. Brain Scientist tells us that we can re-wire our brains within weeks to month, but undo all our good work within a week or so of bad eating. Yeah, just ask Season 3 winner Erik Chopin! :(

Over a delicious and healthy Subway sandwich, Vinny and Ramon discuss their strategy of never to lose, ever, so they can both stay in the game. For the last chance workout, the trainers are still facing the same issues: who to choose!

Is anyone working on an app that will combine things Dolvett yells with motivational music for everyone to work out to yet? Let's get on that, OK?

The trainers are up! Who did they decide? Bob says he wanted Vinny to prove a point, but in the end he went with Becky. She looks great and she can get a great percentage. Anna chose Joe. Joe and steady wins the race. Dolvett says he's taking a chance on ... John! And the room heaved a collective, "doy!"

Bonnie is up first to weigh in just for kicks. She lost 8 pounds, which causes her to caw, "DOLVETT!" She is so happy not to be on Anna's team anymore. Ramon declares that we are officially in the Twilight Zone. Dolvett is really hoping John can hold up his end of the bargain. John lost 10 pounds, and hopefully that will be enough. Seriously, if it's just Dolvett and Bonnie, I don't know what will become of this show.

Antone weighs in first for the black team, and only lost 5 pounds. Wow, Antone, good thing Bob didn't pick you. Vinny's next, and he lost 10. Now it's up to Becky to lose more than 4 pounds (with her one pound advantage). Anna would be proud of her focus (but chastise her for crediting her family for that drive). Becky lost 6, keeping the black team on top this season.

Sunny weighs in and loses just two pounds. Yup, it's a bad week after a good week again. Ramon lost 6 pounds, and is also glad Anna didn't pick him. Anna is still proud of him, because he was able to forget about love. Joe is up, and if he beats John's percentage, John is automatically eliminated. But no, Joe only lost 2 pounds, sending another one of Anna's team members to the slaughter.

Ramon is the only one who is safe, because he had the highest percentage of weight loss. So it's between Sunny and Joe, both of whom were on the original black team. Vinny votes for Joe, Bonnie also votes for Joe. Losing: it sucks, doesn't it? Antone said he began to question Joe's loyalty to the original black team (what?) and sees Joe as a leader, so he sent Joe home. Antone is NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS. See you at the marathon, Joe!

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