'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Olympic Training and Trials
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Olympic Training and Trials
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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The contestants head to the Olympic Training Center in Park City, Utah, to train with Olympic athletes this week. Apolo Ohno and other US Olympians come to The Biggest Loser to inspire and motivate them. The competition heats up when one contestant dominates the challenges. The contestants have the worst weigh-in of the season with multiple weight gains and a surprising elimination.

Apolo Ohno and the Olympic Oval

The contestants head to Park City, Utah, to train at the Olympic Training Center. This is a good time to start getting excited for the finale and for the upcoming Winter Olympics in February. They start out right away with meeting and working out with Apolo Ohno. He has been on the show before and always seems like a genuine, cool guy.

Travel Stress

The contestants are stressed and worried about the change in their routine this week. We see so little of what the contestants actually do on the ranch that I can only imagine how regimented they probably are there. Historically, some contestants either lose no weight or gain weight when they travel because of the tempting food choices or simply change their workout time. Some are totally prepared, like my girl Rachel who I am totally rooting for to win the whole thing at this point, and others are worried they are making the wrong food choices, like Bobby.

The 1st Challenge

The contestants play The Biggest Loser's version of a curling match. Each player has to push a 100-pound curling stone toward the target, getting a point every time it lands on the bulls-eye. The first person to get three points wins. The winner of the challenge earns $5,000. As much as I love the Olympics, curling is not my favorite sport to watch, and even with a twist, it's a pretty boring challenge to watch. The winner is: Rachel!

After the challenge, the contestants are upset that Rachel has won most of the challenges and continues to pose the largest threat with her weight loss. If she ever falls below the yellow line, she will definitely be eliminated. 

Olympic Workout

Bob puts the contestants through a workout inspired by the Olympians. They have to work together as a team and race as fast as possible to get it done. The contestants continue to size each other up, and the overall feeling of the group is tense as they start to think about who could win it all.

Heart to Hearts

Dolvette sits down with Rachel to talk about her relationship with her father.  I would have assumed he would talk with her about the mounting pressure in the competition, but this seems like a good topic, too. She has rekindled an estranged relationship with her father since auditioning for the show and is starting to heal old wounds that drove her to overeat. 

Jillian confronts Jennifer about her fear of the box jump and getting her to see that she has never felt good enough. Jillian encourages her to feel successful and get over her fear. 

Where Are They Now?

We check in with Tumi who got sent home last week. She looks unbelievable and has lost over 100 pounds. She gets to try on wedding dresses for the first time and looks awesome. I think she will be a major contender for the at-home prize at the finale.

The 2nd Challenge

Another Olympic games highlight is the bobsled, so naturally, the contestants will compete in The Biggest Loser version of a bobsled run. They have to run up the actual bobsled track, which is a mile long and 400 feet high at a 7,000-foot altitude. This is a brutal challenge for sure. The winner of the challenge gets a one-pound advantage on the scale at the weigh-in.

Rachel and Jay start at the head of the pack and never look back. Instead of this being a race between the entire group, it's just a race between the two of them. Despite the altitude and the difficulty breathing that they all have, Rachel pushes ahead and sweeps the challenges this week. $5,000, a one-pound advantage and a bobsled ride at an Olympic park. Not too shabby for Rachel.

Last Chance Workout

The contestants get to work out in the Olympians gym for their last chance workout. Everyone is giving it their all and having a good time using the world-class equipment. After her talk with Jillian, Jennifer is able to confront her fear of the box jump and accomplishes it for the first time all season. 

The Weigh-In

Rachel starts out the weigh-in by capping off an amazing week for her; she loses enough to not only keep her here but to pass her 100-pound goal. Everyone has relatively good weight loss considering all their anxieties. That is, until we get to Bobby and Jay who both gain weight and are below the yellow line. 

Ultimately, the contestants vote to send home Jay. He is only eight pounds away from his goal weight so I'm sure he will do just fine at home. Bobby has a lot of weight to lose, so hopefully he will get that chance now that they saved him.

Next week should be a lot fun (and with a lot of tears) because it is makeover week!

The Biggest Loser airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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