'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Immunity and the First Temptation
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Immunity and the First Temptation
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Due to the one-week premiere delay this season, the theme this week is Halloween. The contestants are faced with their first Temptation of the season involving pumpkins and candy, resulting in a game changer for the weigh-in. The remaining teams must work extra hard to stay on the ranch, just like all of The Biggest Loser contestants before them. Let's dive right in to week four!

The Temptation

The contestants face their first temptation, which is a play on pumpkin picking. There are 100 pumpkins laid out in a faux pumpkin patch. Some are filled with treats, like cash and the golden ticket of immunity and others are filled with tricks, or lots and lots of highly caloric candy. The person that finds immunity gets it for themselves and for their entire team at the weigh-in. However, if there is candy in the pumpkin, the contestant has to eat it or their whole team is out of the running.

Each team decides to play because immunity is too good of a prize to not. True to form, the contestants mostly find pumpkins filled with tricks -- aka candy, pumpkin pies, candied apples -- and are forced to eat hundreds of calories in an attempt to find immunity. After the temptation drags on for far too long, (for contestants and viewers alike), Hap finally finds immunity for the Blue Team! They have the best luck the entire game, with two of their contestants winning cash prizes of $500. Provided none of them gain weight this week, they are all safe and able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The Workouts

The remaining teams have already used their trainer saves, and therefore one contestant is guaranteed to be going home this week. The Red Team works out so hard that Ruben almost vomits three times and Tanya almost passes out. Dolvette feels he is doing his job right and works them harder. 

Jillian is not her usual irate self after this temptation, but instead tells the White Team to forget about it and move on. Jay is having hip problems, but he perseveres through the pain. Each contestant on the Red and White Teams are worried about going home and are utilizing every chance they have to workout extra. I've always wondered if this does more harm than good since they aren't resting their already worked-out bodies. The trainers never address it, though, so I'm left wondering.

The Blue Team is clearly stress-free this week with immunity bolstering their spirits. Bob brings in female weight-lifters wearing tutus who do Olympic weightlifting like Holley. Bob and the gals are here to inspire Holley that she will still be strong even when she loses weight. Holley is inspired, and it's nice that Bob cares so much to bring them in, but strange that he focuses all of his attention on her this week. 

Heartfelt Moments

Tumi shares her story with Jillian, telling her that her mother passed away when she was a teenager. Her step-parent essentially abandoned her, and this lead Tumi down the path of obesity. Jillian encourages her to access her anger and use it as motivation, not to hide from it. Tumi is grateful for the talk and seems more motivated than ever.

In another Biggest Loser first, the contestants all get letters from home to keep them motivated. They all have multiple boxes, packages, letters and pictures to sift through. It's very sweet and a new element that I appreciate this season. 

The Weigh-In

The Blue Team weighs in first, and none of them have gained weight so they are safe with their immunity this week.

White Team weighs in with consistently average numbers, though Jay blows everyone away with a weight loss of 9 pounds. He was the one in the most pain and he lost the most. This is why I love this show.

The Red Team weighs in next, and the first three contestants have solid weight loss. Tanya weighs in and we are all expecting a large number from her since she lost zero pounds last week. She only loses three. 

Ruben goes last and, again, everyone is expecting a large number from him since he is the largest man in the house. He only loses five pounds and falls below the red line. Ruben Studdard is not the Biggest Loser and is sent home. I'm not entirely surprised since he has had consistently low numbers and has seemed less than enthusiastic about the process the entire time. He's been a jovial force, though, so his presence will be missed. We'll get to see his at-home transformation next week!

This has been a pretty underwhelming week as far as the drama goes. The one-hour format has really condensed the show. Next week looks more promising since Tanya refuses to work out and there is going to be the largest weight loss at a single weigh-in yet.

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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