'The Biggest Loser' Names its Final Four
'The Biggest Loser' Names its Final Four
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser is chockfull of tension for many reasons. For one thing, it reveals which of the five remaining contestants will move on to the semi-final round. Additionally, it also presents one of the biggest challenges players will have to face once they're off the ranch, while another contestant flares up over his frustration to lose weight. More on the highlights of episode 17 after the jump.

The Challenge

This week, Sunshine, Michael, Koli, Daris and Ashley are tasked to race over hills of sand while carrying the amount of weight they've lost. Daris emerges as the winner of the challenge and chooses the one-pound advantage over the cash prize of $10,000.

Michael's Drama

Michael's frustration over his plodding weight loss is understandable though it's not something that we haven't seen before on The Biggest Loser. He's upset over the fact that he's still obese even though he's worked his butt off in the competition. And though his trailer Bob tries to boost his spirits, he's still whining about the whole thing.

Special Guests

Quarterback Tony Romo appears tonight to take the contestants on a hike while Biggest Losers past champs Helen Phillips and Erik Chopin return to share their weight-loss and weight-gain experiences. Helen, the winner from season 7, has gained a couple of pounds after the show but that's nothing compared to season 3 winner Eric, who gained back all his weight and now struggles, just like the rest of the players.  

The Weigh-in

Ashley: 231 pounds (-7)
Daris: 195 pounds (-10)
Koli: 231 pounds (-13)
Michael: 322 pounds (-12)
Sunshine: 176 pounds (-2)

Sunshine's Journey and the Final Four

There's no voting this week so the player with the lowest percentage of weight loss will automatically be eliminated. And unfortunately, it's Sunshine, who entered the competition with a starting weight of 275 pounds. She's been deemed a fan favorite even though she was sent home after the very first challenge and has proven herself worthy of staying on the game since returning to the ranch in week 5. Now she's lost a total of 113 pounds and plans to shed a few more in time for the finale.

With Sunshine out of the game, Ashley, Daris, Koli and Michael move forward as this season's finale four.

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