The Biggest Loser: Jillian Michaels Doesn't Think She's Mean (So She Gave Season 8 Details)
Seven seasons of The Biggest Loser later, that perception of trainer Jillian Michaels as the mean one--at least relative to the nice, calm Bob Harper--never gets scrubbed off.  Never mind that all of the show's winners trained under her.  Then again, it does hurt for her to be given such a tag.

"I don't think it's mean when you're confronting somebody with their issues, trying to help them create a change in their lives," she said while in Chicago to attend an event for a health magazine.  "Tough, yes.  Demanding, yes.  Impossible, sometimes.  But mean?  Not really."
It seems many do agree with that mindset, as during her visit to the city, she was mobbed by fans who wanted to have a photo with her, or their copies of her recent book Master Your Metabolism signed.  And many would see more of her when The Biggest Loser returns in the fall; she didn't hesitate to let slip on a few details regarding the eighth batch of contestants.

The upcoming season, she says, will focus on second chances, and she expects it to be a very emotional stay at the ranch.  "We have one contestant who lost her entire family in a car wreck and subsequently put on a couple of hundred pounds," Michaels revealed.  "It's about getting that second chance at life and finding your place in the world."

And, of course, she's hopeful to keep that winning streak on the show, coming off the win of Helen Phillips on last week's conclusion of The Biggest Loser: Couples.

Despite working in the show for seven seasons, she's still surprised at the way the show's contestants, whether under her or under Bob, transform throughout the course of the competition.  "Even though I understand the science of it, it still seems like magic when it's all said and done," she said.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Chicago Sun-Times
(Image courtesy of NBC)