'The Biggest Loser' Is Not A Prison
'The Biggest Loser' Is Not A Prison
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So last night we were reminded of something this season's contestants have either forgotten or chosen to ignore. YOU CAN LEAVE THE SHOW VOLUNTARILY. Who knew, right? We've spent an entire season watching people throw weigh-ins, sabotage teammates, and basically make Jillian angry, and for what?

Kaylee asked Ken and Austin to throw the weigh-in so she could go home and continue being whiny there. At first, I just kind of accepted it as a necessary evil. Sure, Kaylee was kind of being a brat and was putting her teammates at a disadvantage, but if she asked them to throw it, they would have to. Right?

Wrong. As Ken reminded us, that's not the way it works at the Ranch. Ken lost 7 pounds and at first, he was vilified. Kaylee cried and Alison asked him all accusingly if he'd known about Kaylee's plan to throw the weigh-in. Um, since when is losing 7 pounds something to be criticized?

All of a sudden, though, things changed. I don't know what did it, but maybe Alyson finally got sick of Kaylee's ridiculous "not caring what other people think" act and announced to her that, "this place is not a prison."

And you know what? For once, I agree with Alyson. (Never thought I would say that ...) But it's true! People leave reality shows all the time. It's practically de rigeur for people on other shows to walk out when they've had enough. Why, then, do contestants on The Biggest Loser constantly concoct elaborate ways to get voted off the show when they really want to go home? Why don't they just throw a nice diva-style fit, pack their ankle weights, and storm off?

Part of the problem is probably the sense of guilt at leaving. It's the idea that, "THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO BE ON THIS SHOW." Thus, quitting the show because you're injured, or lonely, or maybe because you've just lost enough weight, instills you with a sense of shame.

But, when it comes down to it, shouldn't you be able to go if you want to? If they decide they want to go home and go back to all their old habits, it might not be the best idea, but really, who's to stop them?

So can someone explain to me why Kaylee is still on the show when she purposefully lost no weight and told everyone that she wants to leave? Sure, her dad talked her into it, but why?

If she wanted to leave, why didn't she leave? What's keeping her here?

... Anyone?
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