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Tonight on The Biggest Loser Couples season finale, we find out who America voted to be the third finalist. Will it be Ron or will it be Mike? Then, we will get to see how all the eliminated contestants are doing now. And finally, we'll find out who will be crowned The Biggest Loser!

Follow along with me tonight as we watch the 3 hour finale. I'll keep you up to date on all the happenings.

Alison Sweeney takes us through the previous winners of The Biggest Loser. Alison Sweeney has already lost all her baby weight. And the live finale starts!

This was the biggest season of The Biggest Loser. The biggest contestant, the oldest contestant, the sickest contestant, and the youngest contestant ever were involved with this season. It's season recap time!

collapse, Dan breaking down and the contestants' triumphs and failures. I'm already tearing up. This is not going to go well for my tear ducts. We hear the audience cheer loudly for all the glorious moments our contestants have experienced. After 179 days and 1400 pounds lost on the ranch.

It's down to 48 year-old Helen. Tara who's described as the model who lost control. Ron, who's sons have followed in his footsteps. Mike, the youngest player in history. Helen and Tara are in the final three. America will decide between father and son pair Ron and Mike.

Alison unveils The Biggest Loser scale. The at-home players will battle it out for the $100,000 at-home prize and then we find out which of the four finalists will win the $250,000 grand prize. Alison Sweeney brings out the contestants one at a time. Mike, originally 388 pounds, comes in looking good. He's definitely dropped a lot of weight since the final episode. He also has a fake tan. Nice Mike. College will be good for you Mike.

Ron comes out next looking good as well. He doesn't look like he's lost nearly as much weight as Mike, but still looks great. He's also shaved the beard again. He says he feels wonderful and points out that Mike looks great. He says he hopes America picks Mike but either way, they've both won.

Let me make it known now, I really wanted Tara to win, but if Mike's voted in by America, I think he has it in the bag. He's lost a lot of weight. Although I have not seen Tara yet, so I shouldn't speak too soon.

Alison Sweeney announces American chose Mike to be the third finalist. Alison Sweeney pokes fun at Mike when he feigns humbleness. Alison Sweeney tells us that two people are battling it out for the final spot on next season of The Biggest Loser. First, we have Erinn who weighs 239 pounds. She explains that she just broke up with her boyfriend of two years because she was ashamed of her weight. Next, we have Amanda, who weighs 257 pounds, is only 19 years old. She didn't go to prom because she was too embarrassed. Amanda and Erinn come out on stage and greet the audience. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels are in a backstage gym waiting for Erinn and Amanda. Alison sends them backstage to start working out right away. To vote for them call:

Erinn 1-866-613-0001
Amanda 1-866-613-0002

Or log on to

We're starting with the at-home prize. Jerry and Estella come out first. They both look great. Jerry flexes his muscles for the audience. Damian and Nicole come out next and Nicole looks so tiny, as expected. We see a clip of Jerry's collapse. Alison asks if they recognize those people and Jerry says, "He's gone. He's gone. I'm here!" Dr. Huizenga explains that Jerry is so much healthier. His five diseases are gone. The six medicines he took are gone. Nicole is going to be wearing a size 8 for her wedding.

Alison Sweeney explains the Pound for Pound Challenge. President Barack! I didn't know he'd be on The Biggest Loser tonight! YES! 1 of 8 Americans are at risk of hunger every day. There's a 35% increase of people coming to food banks. 166,000 people pledged support this year. All the stars that helped out this year are featured and I couldn't write them all down but Ben Afflack was there. That counts. 2,926,027 pounds were pledged this year. General Mills has agreed to do an additional 1,000,000 pounds over the summer for anyone else that wants to pledge.

The first weigh-in! Wait, no, a look at the backstage gym with the potential contestants. Jillian says Amanda should vomit in five more minutes. Erinn says, "Yes Bob" when he asks her questions which is cute.

Now we can do the first weigh-in. It's all about total percentages of weight-loss. Estella tells her story and it's so cute to see her talk about being an active grandparent. Jerry talks about seeing his grandkids graduate from high school and college. The crowd starts chanting "Jerry" after his weigh-in. Damian tells Jerry he can have the win because, as Alison points out, he gets Nicole. Nicole says she deserves to be in a wedding gown of her dreams and she starts crying on the scale. Damian runs up and hugs her

Jerry, 369 lbs, now 192 lbs, -177 lbs, 47.97%
Nicole, 269 lbs, now 146 lbs, -123 lbs, 45.72%
Damian, 381 lbs, now 245 lbs, -136 lbs, 35.7%
Estella, 232 lbs, now 159 lbs, -83 lbs, 34.3%

Sione and Filipe then Carla and Joelle come out next. Alison starts with Joelle and asks her about Bob's disapproval. Carla explains that she thanks Joelle for this opportunity because Joelle called her to join the show. Sione and Filipe talk about the exercise classes that they started. Filipe notes that they're going to host the exercise class at a local high school because there's so much demand. They then do the Tongan dance. Their families clap on from the audience.

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