'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: I've Got Sunshine
'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: I've Got Sunshine
Now that Melissa is eliminated from The Biggest Loser: Couples, there's no need to worry about game play rearing its ugly head, distracting everyone from the ultimate goal--losing weight. And tonight's episode seemed really, really fun.

Yes we can change: This week's pop challenge has the contestants balancing quarters on a platter. Be the last person standing, and you win $10 for each quarter on the tray. Michael won this one, earning himself $1000 since he had a hundred quarters. But--promotional message, hello!--the folks behind Total felt he gave the challenge a hundred percent and doubled his winnings.

Sunshine wasn't as successful, but she won her $650 anyway thanks to that 100% thing. She started out with just ten quarters and added a few more later, but struggled with keeping up even if her dad suggested she push the quarters to the back of the tray. Know what? I really like her attitude.

Hello, Suze and Danny: The contestants got a visit from financial guru Suze Orman, who's at hand again to talk about the connection between their health and their wealth. Also paying a visit: last year's winner Danny Cahill, who talked about his $45,000 debt last season, and how he improved.

Suze, of course, gives her predictions on who will win, and I'm glad to hear she chose Sunshine. But that's because she counts her calories--important to keep track of your health and wealth, Suze'd point out. She would've chosen Koli but he doesn't count his calories, too.

Want a car? The big immunity challenge is, well, really big: in the middle of the rain, contestants have to sort through 140 keys to find the one that starts one of two Mazda 3s. The cars are up a hill, and you'll have to test one key at a time, so yes, it's also got the physical aspect going.

Andrea was the first to win the car, funnily after quipping that she drives go-karts. Good karma is also working towards the former yellow team: O'Neal was the second to get a car, and he gave it to his daughter Sunshine. I take back what I said earlier: I really like both O'Neal and Sunshine's attitude. Please, voters, give them a win!

More mud, anyone?
To push the idea of the muddy immunity challenge further, Bob had them workout in the muddied field on the ranch. It all ends up being a mud wrestling fight. Bob got dragged into his own mess--and so was Jillian, who was training Vicky separately. They just dragged poor Jill into the mud and scooped the dirty stuff into her pants. Jill seeks revenge by really whooping them on the last-minute workout.

It does pay off. Michael lost the most weight, and the former yellow team did well, too. Sam, surprisingly, didn't lose any weight, and he dropped bellow the yellow line, along with Andrea. It's a pretty painful elimination since nobody deserves to go--and it's evident in their speeches, when they refused to take the other down. Nonetheless, a vote had to be made, and Andrea--she who said she's finally getting the swing of things--was sent home. Now she's training kids with special needs, and can walk her dog--well, run with her dog!--at least in between driving her new car.

Next week, another temptation gives one contestant the only vote at the weigh-in, and another contestant gets devastating news. But first, the scoreboard:

Andrea: 222 pounds (-3) (eliminated)
Ashley: 258 pounds (-6)
Daris: 226 pounds (-7)
Koli: 270 pounds (-6)
Michael: 363 pounds (-9)
O'Neal: 278 pounds (-5)
Sam: 252 pounds (unchanged)
Sunshine: 192 pounds (-3)
Victoria: 267 pounds (-5)

(Image courtesy of NBC)