'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Melissa's Short-Lived Reign
The moment I learned that Melissa was returning to The Biggest Loser: Couples, I was scared. Really scared. Things were going just fine when she got the boot, and now she's back, she's going to mess things up a bit again. Well, what did we expect?

Welcome the magic button: This week's immunity challenge is pretty easy: lose 2% of your body weight, and you gain immunity. But Alison made it a little more dramatic with her explanation. What if, she posited, you could win immunity with the push of a button? Then she presses a button and sirens start ringing, and the ranch starts collapsing... no, wait, that didn't happen. The scales were unleashed, though.

So here's how it goes: Each contestant gets a card with the amount of weight they have to lose. Once they think they've lost 2% of their weight, they press the magic button, triggering a buzzer which will alert everyone. You get to the scale, you swipe your card and you learn your fate. A contestant only gets one shot: if you didn't lose 2% by your weigh-in, you don't get a shot at immunity. When someone does hit 2%, nobody else can press the button.

The players are busy figuring out when to press the button--it's tricky, indeed--but the bigger question on their head: when will Melissa do it? Doesn't help that Bob's essentially telling her to play the game--but the gentle reminder, too: she should remember what she's here for. Vicky tried her fate, though, pressing the magic button and getting an X.

Who do you help back? The other challenge involves carrying weights, a hundred of them totaling a thousand pounds, from one end of the pool to the other. The first to finish wins a two-week trip to the Biggest Loser Resort. The loser gets a one-pound disadvantage. The catch: once you're finished, regardless of whether you win or not, you can help anyone you wish to help in the challenge--if you choose to do so.

Sunshine gets her chance to shine here, being a very good swimmer (who would've known?) and finishing first. She then helped her dad, naturally. O'Neal got more help from Sam, thanks to Koli's prodding. He finishes eighth anyway. But what's more telling was what happened in the end: almost every contestant helped Mike, forcing Melissa to last place.

Melissa is never finished: With the disadvantage, she's feared the worst, and has devised a plan: wake up at three in the morning--when everybody else is asleep--and work out before finally pressing the button. She does just that. Sam and Koli were worried that would happen, and decided to work out before retiring for the night.

Early in the morning, when half the ranch is asleep, the magic button is pressed. It's Sam! And he loses 3.82% of his weight, giving him immunity. So much for Melissa's planning. She's pretty dismayed, annoyed at the idea of the disadvantage--everybody helped everyone but me!--and Bob couldn't help but comment: "she loves playing games, and now the game went back to bite her." Last-chance workout came and went with everybody working extra hard, and another shining moment from Sunshine, who told her father (after chatting with Jillian) that she finally believes she is beautiful. O'Neal, in a touching gesture, told the cameras that he stopped holding her for the first time in 24 years.

The could've-beens: Turns out Vicky could've won immunity if she didn't press the button to easily: she lost 3.89% of her weight, just a little more than Sam. Sunshine also lost 3.47%, putting her weight in the 100-pound mark. Melissa dropped below the yellow line with the one-pound disadvantage, but Andrea lost less weight than her.

That drop forced Andrea to realize that she wants to be in the final four, and begs the players that she needs to stay at least another week. Well, she tells everyone but Melissa, who she asked out of the elimination room before giving her speech.

She didn't have to plead, because the contestants decided to toss Melissa anyway. I think her argument for staying didn't convince them otherwise: she said that the most important thing at this point is making the final four, and when they keep her, they can easily win, because she'll always drop below the yellow line anyway. Thinking about that, it would've been a very frustrating next few episodes.

Next week on the show, last season's winner Danny Cahill returns. To the scoreboard, then:

Andrea: 225 pounds (-2)
Ashley: 264 pounds (-7)
Daris: 233 pounds (-4)
Koli: 276 pounds (-5)
Melissa: 175 pounds (-3) (eliminated)
Michael: 372 pounds (-9)
O'Neal: 283 pounds (-8)
Sam: 252 pounds (-10) (immunity)
Sunshine: 195 pounds (-7)
Victoria: 272 pounds (-9)

(Image courtesy of NBC)