'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Blame It On The Cupcakes
This week's episode of The Biggest Loser: Couples should be full of tears. I mean, what do you expect with all the contestants returning home and reuniting with their loved ones? Save from the emergency home visit--remember Mike, who visited her ill grandmother last week?--this is the first time the contestants will meet their families, and their transformation, which not yet finished, should be a shocker.

And it is a shocker: The contestants were immediately sent home to reunions, celebrations and the usual "look at you!" lines from astonished relatives. O'Neal's wife is astonished at how good he looks right now. Daris heads off for his first date--oh, so it's he who gets the first date? But with friends, though. Bummer.

Particularly interesting was Mike's grandmother, who unfortunately is still sick. Turns out her sickness is a result of her obesity--so it runs in the family. Maria--remember her?--reminds him of why he's in the ranch. I bet he's motivated. This perfectly dovetails to the contestants teaching their families about eating healthy. I bet the Ventrelli household understands that lesson entirely.

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes: But it's not all reunions this week. The contestants also arrived home to a stationary bike, a box of mini cupcakes, and a DVD with instructions. It's an at-home challenge, and it's pretty similar to what they did upon entering the ranch: contestants have to ride the whole length of a marathon (that's 26.2 miles) on the bikes.

But the catch is in the cupcakes. For each cupcake you consume, you can add an extra five minutes to the total time of whoever they chose. All this cupcake business is a blue--they just happened so fast!--but it's easy to say that Sam got five cupcakes, three of which came from Lance. (Lance took in six cupcakes total.) Sunshine and Stephanie each took two.

All around the country, bike! They're all doing the challenge together, and in some techy twist, their respective family members get to update each other in real time about who's ahead when. So you can imagine the trash talking going on, especially from Lance's side, who seems hell bent on beating Sam for this. After all, the person who finishes first--accounting for the cupcakes--wins $10,000.

Well, Sam did finish first, followed by Koli, Lance and Sunshine. Sam's lead got blasted, though, when Alison revealed that he got ten cupcakes, forcing him to eighth place. But the win remains within the family, as Koli won the challenge--because nobody ate cupcakes for him.

Burn them off: Back at the ranch, Bob and Jillian were particularly hard on the contestants. I guess you can blame it on the cupcakes. Ashley couldn't take it, so she threw up... twice. That counts for weight loss, right? But Lance was faced with a problem: he has six cupcakes to burn and he's distracted by the thought of Melissa. He feels bad for leaving her.

Weigh-in time, and the black team took an early advantage, with Ashley losing ten pounds (vomit is weight loss!) and Sam losing 14, the most of the night. Koli also shaved ten pounds off his weight. Stephanie crossed the 200-pound barrier. In the end, the blue team lost the least weight, and are going to vote someone off.

The vote was an easy one: it was Lance going home. His last vote went to Michael, but he was safe, probably because he convinced everyone that he still has a long way to go. He's still in the high 300s, after all. Since leaving the ranch, Lance now weighs 265 pounds and aims to hit 220 by the finale.

Next week on The Biggest Loser: Couples, one eliminated contestant returns, and a viewer who lost 400 pounds after watching the show is revealed. Prep your hankies, kids. Now, the scoreboard:

Andrea: 232 pounds (-6)
Ashley: 276 pounds (-10)
Daris: 244 pounds (-4)
Koli: 287 pounds (-10)
Lance: 274 pounds (-8) (eliminated)
Michael: 389 pounds (-8)
O'Neal: 295 pounds (-7)
Sam: 264 pounds (-14)
Stephanie: 199 pounds (-9)
Sunshine: 208 pounds (-8) (immunity)

(Image courtesy of NBC)