'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It's Off To Work We Go
The idea of The Biggest Loser: Couples this week is simple: work hard. And by "hard", they mean "as hard as you used to before you got to the ranch". And they aren't just referring to the weight loss: it's their real-life jobs, those 9-5ers they went to, those same jobs that got in the way of time to exercise. Which, it seems, is the point of the challenge.

It's work week this week, and the remaining contestants have to work full-time jobs--in this case, alongside the folks at Feeding America--and do everything that goes with it: pack their own lunches, go on their own commutes, you get the idea.

Drag a truck: But first, the challenge: each team has to drag a truck along the runway. The thing weights 30,000 pounds. Extra task: teams have to load puzzle pieces they see along the way into the trucks, while still dragging them. Of course, if there are puzzle pieces, there is a puzzle to solve, and the first team to do just that wins a year's worth of groceries.

The blue team took an early lead, but the black team eventually surged ahead. O'Neal feels responsible for the flub: you see, his knee's not in the best of conditions, and he thinks that's slowing the team down. But he still managed to pull the blues ahead, and they easily won the challenge.

It's off to work we go: Apart from the fact that their "work" involves giving fresh produce to people in the middle of the rain (added dramatic effect, I reckon), the contestants are pretty much back to their own lives. The gym's open from 6am-7pm only, so with all the work, I guess it's best for them to find time to do those little exercises while walking. Me, I'm stuck in a desk but I walk around a lot.

In the case of the contestants, they start working out as early as 5:30am just to squeeze some digits in before heading out to work. But some of their problems include forgetting lunch--that's Sam's little issue, something rectified when Stephenie told him about a nearby Subway. One, sneaky. Two, are they together now?

Gym oddities: Of course, most of tonight's action happens in the gym, or at least, whatever time you have left in there. There wasn't much to talk about, really--just Sam and O'Neal's little inspiring talks, and then those working bits. I guess the fun in tonight's episode is in the idea of squeezing in your health in these demanding times... which works, for the most part.

You can imagine their last-chance workout to be pretty tough. Last chance personified! Especially for Michael, who still seems to be slacking off. Sleeping on the bus, holding a clipboard and just that...

Sam almost goes home: Two contestants finally breached the 300-pound mark: Ashley hit 293 pounds, while Lance hit 290. It was a field day for the blue team, who churned in solid numbers. The black team ended up on the chopping block, in a weigh-in that's edited to boil down to the wire. Sam had to lose around 10 pounds but only took off four.

So, for a moment, it seemed Sam was going home. After all, his slowing weight loss won't do the team any favors in the following weeks. He actually thought he was going home, but Stephanie won't let that happen. (Yes, it seems they are together.) The scattered vote eventually went to Cheryl, and it was she who went home. She now weighs 164 pounds and plans to run a 5K run.

Next week on The Biggest Loser: Couples, Curtis Stone returns for more delicious recipes, and the usual stuff, too. I guess in the real life you need a night out once in a while. See? Keeping with the theme. To the scoreboards, then:

Andrea: 243 pounds (-7)
Ashley: 293 pounds (-8)
Cheryl: 182 pounds (-5) (eliminated)
Daris: 258 pounds (-9)
Koli: 306 pounds (-10)
Lance: 290 pounds (-10)
Michael: 408 pounds (-9)
O'Neal: 311 pounds (-5)
Sam: 286 pounds (-4)
Sherry: 166 pounds (-5) (immunity)
Stephanie: 210 pounds (-3)
Sunshine: 225 pounds (-8)

(Image courtesy of NBC)