'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Symptoms of Olympic Fever Include...
With The Biggest Loser: Couples being sidelined for a month thanks to the Winter Olympics, it's no surprise that they'll pull off all the stops. And that means guests, guests, guest, guests galore--and, well, a twist at the very end. And since it's the Olympics that will bench the show, what better way to bid a temporary adieu than with... the Olympics?

It's not really a trip to Vancouver, but rather, a trip to Colorado Springs, and the US Olympic Training Center, where the remaining contestants will spend a week working out and, maybe, having fun. Before paralympian Allison Jones could welcome everyone with a torch lighting ceremony, Alison (okay, notice the L's) tells everyone that the game shifts from team mode to individual mode. Also, two people will be eliminated, one from the yellow line, and the other from the red line--that deadly level that automatically eliminates you.

After meeting with the Olympic nutritionists, where they are told about how out athletes' diets go--nope, I did not hear anything about Michael Phelps--they meet skiers Julia Mancuso and Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, who help them through their first workouts. It's an Olympic training center. It's supposed to be mesmerizing! But the contestants just did their workouts, and Speedy was impressed. Despite his pleas for some rest for the bunch, Bob said no.

There are two challenges tonight, the first one being a slide board race where the first to hit 500 wins. Speed skater JR Celski was there to cheer everyone on, and also to show us his scar. Uh-huh. The first three finishers win advantages at the actual challenge: those honors go to Melissa, Sunshine, and first-placer Sam.

The actual challenge: Laser guns. No, really, laser guns. They did the game at the Garden of the Gods, where skiers usually, well, ski. Paralympian Kelly Underkofler was there so say hi to them, and cheer them on. The deed's pretty simple: shoot each others' targets until the last man standing wins. Not really easy considering you have to aim and fire at the right spot. The previous challenge's top three got bonus shots, but they ended shooting each other. The winner: O'Neal. He snags immunity.

Their last-minute workout wouldn't be at Colorado Springs, though: they later returned to the ranch, where Rockne Brubaker greeted them and helped with the routines. O'Neal sure worked hard despite having immunity.

Again, the weigh-ins are individual now, so there's no such thing as a teammate saving you from doom. Michael disappointed me--he failed to break the record for losing 100 pounds the fastest. Well, not to worry, because he did lose 94 in six weeks, which is a big deal considering where he started. Sam also made a personal breakthrough, going past the 300-pound mark. Melissa, well... she was eliminated, because she went below the red line.

Because she gained a pound.

No, really, she gained a freaking pound.

Let's put this in perspective, then. Did she throw her previous weigh-ins? One pound up one week, one pound down the next week, and then eleven more pounds down? I don't think so. Seems she's right about her body during weird things with her weight. Although those things, man, they're really weird. I wonder what Jillian thinks of all this.

Then again, she's since lost 75 pounds, which makes me wonder, "what the hell is wrong?"

Melissa leaves, asking Lance not to get himself eliminated. He didn't. he was down nine pounds and was more than safe. In the end, it was Cheryl and Darrell who made it below the yellow line, and instead of a vote, they did an Olympic-themed challenge to determine who'll get eliminated. They have to squat and balance a torch in their heads. The first one to go will, well, have to go. And then, "to be continued".

Cliffhanger! We'll see you in March then, kids. To the scoreboards:

Andrea: 255 pounds (-7)
Ashley: 311 pounds (-6)
Cheryl: 191 pounds (-3) (below yellow line)
Darrell: 338 pounds (-5) (below yellow line)
Koli: 326 pounds (-9)
Lance: 305 pounds (-9)
Melissa: 199 pounds (+1) (eliminated)
Michael: 432 pounds (-11)
Miggy: 199 pounds (-7)
O'Neal: 325 pounds (-8) (immunity)
Sam: 298 pounds (-12)
Sherry: 177 pounds (-3)
Stephanie: 221 pounds (-4)
Sunshine: 239 pounds (-6)

(Image courtesy of NBC)