'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: This War Has Claimed A Casualty
I think we have found this season's evil figure.

Consider this: the last season of The Biggest Loser had Tracey, whose "supernatural" sense gave her many opportunities to flip things around until karma came biting back. This season, it's Melissa--and it's not just because of her last two weigh-ins.

Remember that the two weeks ago, she gained a pound, something we let slip because of the week two curse. One week later, she lost a pound, and just a pound, which triggered a pretty heated argument between her and the trainers. Inevitably, all eyes are on her now, especially after the immunity challenge... because the red team won it.

All teams had to run a so-called Presidential Mile, which was more or less a little oval at the ranch, while picking up and scanning cards of some sort. The red team won that challenge pretty easily, and apart from immunity, they were given three envelopes to give to the other teams. What's inside isn't really nice. They ended up barring John access to the gym for an entire week, and barring Michael a chance to vote during elimination. What bit back the most was what they gave Miggy and Migdalia: a two-pound penalty at weigh-in.

Bob and Jillian decided to talk to both Lance and Melissa during the workouts, but they didn't go well, as expected. Bob first talked to Melissa, where their discussion can be summed up in one line: "you called me a liar, Bob!"

Jillian trained with Melissa, but it ended up becoming something close to a shouting match. (It does get exhausting, but it doesn't burn off the pounds.) "I can take 100 pounds off in seven weeks," Jillian exclaimed, pretty much doubting Melissa's results. The beleaguered contestant then asked her to "fix" her. Ouch. Lance also got to train with the feisty female, and things didn't go well--and it became clear that husband was sticking it out with wife, saying that he doesn't respect Jillian. Ouch again.

This week's other challenge involves team going into a metal cage and hoisting themselves up 120 feet. First one up wins phone calls from home. Red team almost won it again, but my new favorites--Sam and Koli, the grays--won the whole thing. Still, the red team got to call their kids back home because the grays gave them a phone call too, along with the green team and the brown team. Quickly after, it was the last chance workout, where teams had to eat lots of Subway sandwiches before running up and down a hill, first empty-handed, then with all these rocks.

And then there was the weigh-in. It was nasty.

Before it began, Melissa said that she did not regret giving the green team a two-pound disadvantage. Things went pretty well in between--Michael's set to break another Loser record, and has proven to everyone that he's working hard, especially after the lashing he got at the beginning of the episode, and Melissa lost 11 pounds, just as Jillian expected--until the green team went on the scales. Miggy and Migdalia lost a combined five pounds--and that's not counting the two-pound penalty. Let the shouting match begin. "It doesn't make any difference," Melissa said with some semblance of glee, after which she was pummeled with screamy onslaughts from the greens. Jillian could only watch with awe, not at Melissa, but at the green team and all their pent-up emotions. It was, in a word, absolutely toxic.

The green team dropped below the yellow line, and Migdalia immediately begged everyone to send her home. (Not in a nice manner, too.) The vote was close, though: some teams thought Migdalia needed more time in the ranch, and voted for Miggy. (The red team's vote seemed particularly sinister: Miggy should go, they say, because she's toxic.) Eventually, the black team broke an impasse by sending Migdalia home. She's now down to 202 pounds and promises to be a "sexy mommy".

Next week: remember Vicky and Cherita, and Sunshine and O'Neal? It's been 30 days, and they're returning to the ranch now, for a face-off for one more slot--but not if the paramedics can help it. To the scoreboards, then:

Black team: Andrea at 267 pounds (-5), Darrell at 351 pounds (-10)
Brown team: John at 427 pounds (-10)
Green team: Miggy at 211 pounds (-1), Migdalia at 233 pounds (-4) (eliminated)
Gray team: Koli at 341 pounds (-12), Sam at 320 pounds (-14)
Orange team: Cheryl at 197 pounds (-6), Daris at 295 pounds (-6)
Pink team: Ashley at 326 pounds (-7), Sherry at 186 pounds (-4)
Purple team: Stephanie at 230 pounds (-6)
Red team: Lance at 318 pounds (-6), Melissa at 203 pounds (-11)
White team: Michael at 456 pounds (-15)

(Image courtesy of NBC)