'The Biggest Loser: Couples': Previewing Episode 9.07
After the Winter Olympics and a strong performance from our kids in Vancouver, we're back to losing weight.

And we sure did leave them hanging. First, a recap of what last happened on The Biggest Loser: Couples almost a month back: after an Olympic-themed week, Melissa fell below the red line and finally got eliminated. But they're eliminating two people, and Darrell and Cheryl were below the yellow line. Nope, there wasn't a vote: we left them balancing a torch on their heads, an endurance challenge to determine who goes home. Man, they must've been balancing that torch in their heads for a looong while.

In tonight's show, we'll finally know what happened to them. Whew.

One more person goes home, but that's not where things end. With 13 players left, it's time to let go of the original team colors and settle in to new ones: either you're with Jillian and the black team or you're with Bob and the blue team. Of course, there's a twist: one person gets to determine who goes where, as long as he wins a memory-intensive temptation. And, as expected, some players--and a trainer--will be alienated by the choices.

Also tonight, the new teams face off in some pulling challenge up some really high building: at stake are some rewards from home. That, plus Dr. H's return and one more person going home--so that's two, counting the cliffhanger--on The Biggest Loser: Couples, returning tonight from 8pm on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)