The Biggest Loser: Couples: Previewing Episode 9.05
Yep, that's a photo from The Biggest Loser: Couples' first episode. And yes, Cherita was later eliminated, along with Vicky and another team, because they weren't able to finish their first challenge on time. But remember what happened when they left, when Bob and Jillian stopped the limos from leaving the ranch, and told them that they're still in it--that they have 30 days to work out at home before returning to the ranch for a final slot, and that they have access to the trainers?

Well, those 30 days have passed. It's time for that face-off.

And on the receiving end of the surprise are, of course, those who are still on the ranch. "But we thought they were eliminated!" Not exactly, kids. This weigh-in critical for the blue team (Cherita and Vicky) and the yellow team (O'Neal and Sunshine)--lose more weight, and you return to the ranch for a chance to win the big prize and lose lots of weight. It is, at the risk of exaggerating, a matter of life and death.

Also on tonight's episode, the contestants face a pretty hard football challenge, testing out everyone's stamina. Well, not everybody, since one of the contestants will be sidelined due to medical issues. (If it's Melissa, echoing what happened to Tracey, I won't be surprised.) That one contestant doesn't get a shot at immunity, but at least there's not much chance for a huge disadvantage. If you're the losing team, you get that huge disadvantage, and it's going to be painful.

That, plus exciting news from Allison after the weigh-in and elimination, on The Biggest Loser: Couples, tonight at a special time--it starts an hour later, from 9pm--on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)