The Biggest Loser: Couples: Helen Wins Top Prize; Jerry Wins At-Home
You can't exactly call Helen Phillips a "loser" after what just happened.  The 48-year-old retired manager from Sterling Heights, MI, became the surprise winner of The Biggest Loser: Couples, which concluded earlier Tuesday night.

She currently weighs 117 pounds, shedding more than half of her original weight of 257 pounds as she entered the ranch.  She lost around 54% of her weight, edging out her fellow contestants.  Tara Costa, who otherwise dominated the competition with regards to the challenges, lost around 52% of her weight, currently weighing 139 pounds from her original 294 pounds.  Mike Morelli, who was voted into the final weigh-in, lost around 53% of his weight, charting at a final 181 pounds from his original weight of 388 pounds.  Helen won $250,000 for winning the show, along with the oft-sold new chance at life.
Among the previously eliminated contestants, Jerry Hayes beat the odds by winning the $100,000 at-home prize.  Despite being one of the first to be eliminated, along with his wife Estella, the 64-year-old went on to lose almost 48% of his weight while at home, finally clocking in at 192 pounds from his original weight of 369 pounds.

The show's finale, which was aired live on NBC, saw another first in the competition, as they gave viewers a chance to bring one contestant to the upcoming season of The Biggest Loser.  19-year-old Amanda, who initially weighed in at 258 pounds, ultimately won the slot after an online and phone vote.

The final results are as follows:

Helen Phillips: 117 lbs, -140 lbs (54.47%) (winner)
Mike Morelli: 181 lbs, -207 lbs (53.35%)
Tara Costa: 139 lbs, -155 lbs (52.72%)
Jerry Hayes: 192 lbs, -177 lbs (47.97%) (at-home winner)
Kristin Steede: 193 lbs, -95 lbs (46.39%)
Nicole Brewer: 146 lbs, -123 lbs (45.72%)
Ron Morelli: 238 lbs, -192 lbs (44.65%)
Sione Fa: 226 lbs, -146 lbs (39.25%)
Dane Patterson: 258 lbs, -154 lbs (37.38%)
Filipe Fa: 229 lbs, -135 lbs (37.09%)
Damian Gurganious: 245 lbs, -136 lbs (35.70%)
Mandi Kramer: 171 lbs, -92 lbs (34.98%)
Estella Hayes: 159 lbs, -83 lbs (34.30%)
Carla Triplett: 251 lbs, -128 lbs (33.77%)
Shanon Thomas: 191 lbs, -92 lbs (32.51%)
Cathy Skell: 198 lbs, -95 lbs (32.42%)
Blaine Cotter: 249 lbs, -116 lbs (31.78%)
Daniel Wright: 312 lbs, -142 lbs (31.28%)
Laura Denoux: 199 lbs, -86 lbs (30.18%)
Joelle Gwynn: 229 lbs, -80 lbs (25.89%)
Aubrey Cheney: 194 lbs, -55 lbs (22.09%)
David Lee: 250 lbs, -43 lbs (10.94%)

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of NBC)