'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.18 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, we got down to the final four. Filipe and Ron fell below the yellow line and the contestants decided to send Filipe home. Now, Helen, Ron, Mike and Tara are competing for a chance to be The Biggest Loser.

This week, we start with a cool montage showing where the contestants started and now where they are as of week 17. Tara started at 294 pounds, Helen started at 257 pounds, Mike started at 388 pounds and Ron started at 430 pounds. Alison Sweeney tells them that they'll be going home for thirty days and then they'll come back to campus for one more weigh in.

Tara returns to Long Island, New York. Mike and Ron return to South Lyon, Michigan. Helen returns to Lansing, Michigan. All four contestants are met with giant crowds cheering them on. Mike and Ron have lost a combined 305 pounds. Tara has lost 125 pounds. Helen has lost 103 pounds. All the contestants ask for the support of their friends and families in the upcoming month.

The contestants all have video diaries. Mike talks about how fast food is a huge temptation for him. He even used to work at a fast food restaurant that was one hundred yards from the gym. Helen goes through her closet and pulls out all the clothes that don't fit her anymore. She breaks down crying when she comes across a huge pair of pants that she didn't could have been hers. Ron talks about how excited he is for his family's new life. He talks to his son Max about weight loss. Tara talks about how she wasn't living life to the fullest when she was heavy because she used to be so self-conscious. She goes out with her friends and talks to them about how hard it is to ask for help.

Mike admits that he's hungry all the time. Tara admits she misses the ranch. Ron admits he always think about where he's going to get his next meal.

Tara gets a $25,000 kitchen makeover from week 15 and gives it to her mother. Her mom, Cheryl loves it. Tara turns it into Product Placement time! Jeanie-O Turkey sponsored the kitchen makeover. Tara also shows us the quality Biggest Loser products that are stocked up in Cheryl's kitchen.

The Biggest Loser leaves a box on each contestant's doorstep. Inside is a DVD hosted by Alison Sweeney. She tells them that 26 days from now, they'll all be running a marathon. A full marathon of 26.2 miles. Back in Malibu, CA, Jillian Michaels tells us she's going to visit her contestants. She goes to visit Mike first in South Lyon, Michigan. As soon as she pops in, he swears. Mike admits that he's not doing okay. Jillian isn't impressed by the full marathon challenge, which was probably just a cover-up for the Blaine "marathon" mishap. Jillian gets Mike to admit that seeing Max fat isn't upsetting because Max is fat but it's because it makes Mike remember all the pain he went through. She calls him "monster face" and then hugs him and he cries. It's cute.

Next, Jillian goes to surprise Tara. They hug and Tara starts crying. Jillian goes to see Tara's room and it's a mess. Jillian tells her she's in a tunnel and she's going to find a way out. Tara admits she doesn't want her old life back. Jillian tells her she needs to find a balance in her life. After their workout, Jillian takes Tara to lunch and tells her to have a drink and enjoy her life a bit more.

Bob goes to visit his only remaining contestant, Ron. Poor Bob Harper, he's never going to win with Ron. Bob hugs the entire family. Bob tells Ron that he doesn't think he should participate in the marathon challenge. When Bob says Max is his fresh meat, Max looks really scared. Max is bigger and younger than Michael. Bob uses his positive reinforcement tactics to TELL Max that he has a drive in him that Mike claimed wasn't there when he was talking to Jillian earlier. Max notes that Bob has a quality that makes you not want to let him down. It really works.

Finally, Jillian goes to visit Helen in Detroit, Michigan. She also starts crying right when Jillian walks in. Helen is also having trouble adjusting to her new life. Jillian has to remind her that she needs to be happy in her life or it wasn't worth it. When Jillian sits her down with a glass of wine, Helen breaks down because she doesn't think that she can ever take a break.

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