The Biggest Loser Couples Episode 15: Who's Going Home?
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on The Biggest Loser. See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at The Biggest Loser Fantasy.

BuddyTV Users’ Picks:
1. 28.19 % of users think Ron Morelli will be eliminated
2. 20.13 % of users think Helen Phillips will be eliminated
3. 15.44 % percent of users think Filipe Fa will be eliminated

BuddyTV Expert Kim Wetter’s Picks:
1. Ron Morelli
2. Helen Phillips
3. Filipe Fa

Our Analysis
This week Mike and Tara are pretty safe. NBC spoilers say, “And at this week's weigh-in, one player breaks the Biggest Loser record for most weight ever lost at the ranch” which clearly points to Mike, who has lost the most weight on the ranch thus far. Tara’s most likely to win the reward challenge and with all the fire Ron’s been under, she’ll slide on through.

On the Bubble:
Kristin and Laura are in the middle this week. Both have the ability to lose a lot of weight but Laura especially is always at risk of falling below the yellow line.

Death Watch:
Filipe, Ron and Helen are the contestants most likely to go home this week. NBC let out a spoiler about someone receiving bad medical news, which points to Ron, meaning he might not be able to work out as much as the other contestants. Ron’s still out for Filipe’s and Helen’s blood, so the Godfather might be sending them home this week.

1. mizzeghan 5250
2. littlenspunky2 5250
3. HappyPuppy 4500
4. BrittneyHanrahan2 4000
5. Issibell 3250
6. dimple227 3250
7. JUDYTK 3250
8. k9car 3250
9. coldplayLUVR 3250
10. KatrinaEvington2 3250

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-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of NBC)