'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.14 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Nicole shook up the game for a week by coming back and then was immediately eliminated due to her stress on the ranch. Many were relieved because she’s obviously a strong player in the game.

After the elimination, the contestants walk back to the house and Mike and Ron are really angry with Filipe, Sione and Helen. Ron thanks those who kept him here and then says that he hopes the people who voted for him get struck down and die. Sione speaks up and says that he’s playing for himself and no one else. Ron tells Filipe that he lied to him and Filipe just keeps his mouth shut. It’s kind of funny that Ron is so mad at the blue men because he tried to vote off Filipe the week before. When Ron and Mike leave, the contestants talk about how manipulative Ron has been in the game.

Ron thinks it’s his responsibility to see that things are done right. Evidently, he sees himself as the father figure on the ranch. He tells Mike that they should be friendly and nice in order to keep their enemies close.

The contestants walk into the gym to find Alison Sweeney and a bunch of silver trays. It’s going to be a temptation challenge. She informs them they’re competing for the biggest prize in Biggest Loser history. There are 100 trays in front of them. Whichever tray they open, they have to eat whatever is inside. Most of the trays have high-calorie snacks. Some trays have Extra sugar free gum with stacks of cash up to $5000. Under one tray, there’s a golden ticket which means they get to cast the one and only vote at this week’s elimination.

The contestants must completely finish what’s underneath the tray before they can continue. They hesitate after Alison Sweeney says go. They very slowly pick up their trays. Soda, cupcakes, pretzels, donuts, and chips all have to be eaten. Ron grabs $1,500 before everyone else gets anything. Laura wins $5,000. No one looks even close to stopping. Alison Sweeny announces they’ve uncovered 50 trays. Kristin is the first one to stop eating. She realizes it’s more important to stay above the yellow line. Filipe wins $500. Laura finally finds the golden ticket! As long as Laura stays above the yellow line, she gets to decide who goes home.

Kristin points out that her great power might get to her head. Laura and Tara contemplate how people will treat Laura now that she has their futures in her hand. Then, Laura tells Tara to purposefully fall below the yellow line so that Laura only has to beat one other person in the house. Tara doesn’t sound excited about the idea because the last thing she wants to do is gain weight.

The contestants are in the gym cleaning up the trays when Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels come in. Kristin tells them what happened and they ask whether or not they had to play. Kristin tells them they didn’t have to but there was obviously a lot of playing. Jillian looks like she’s about to strangle one of them. Tara ate 4600 calories and it just breaks Jillian’s heart. Sione speaks up and tells Bob that he wanted the power. Jillian explains that they put so much at risk by going for that power. Jillian tells Tara she ate a pound and that pound might send her home.

Finally Bob asks about the votes and Ron explains that Filipe, Sione, and Helen voted to get rid of Ron. Bob takes Ron outside and asks him what happened. Bob then tells us he would never want to be on Ron’s bad side.

Jillian and Bob decide to work out their contestants together because they ate together so they’re going to burn it off together. They plan on just handing the contestants off to one another and beating the be-gezzes out of them.

The next morning, Kristin brings Laura some breakfast in bed. She had considered what else she needed to do to save herself and decided sucking up to Laura a bit might help her in the end.

Jillian brings us to Subway for Product Placement Time. Jerry and Colleen from season 6 meet the contestants there in order to teach the contestants how to make the healthiest Subway sandwiches.

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