'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.13 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Tara won yet another challenge. Her strength in the competitions has become a major threat to the other contestants and last week, they made it apparent that she’d be the biggest target. Aubrey and Filipe fell below the yellow line and ultimately, Aubrey was sent home.

Sione tells Filipe that Ron and Mike wanted him to go home. Evidently, the Brown team and Blue team had made an alliance at the beginning of the game and it’s obvious that the alliance is dead. It seems like the players are starting to play the game.

The contestants head into the gym and find Ali Vincent, the first female winner of The Biggest Loser, waiting for them. Alison Sweeney evidently had her baby girl Meghan the previous night. She announces that three former competitors will be coming back. Three teammates weren’t allowed to stay in the competition because their partners were eliminated. Estella, David, and Nicole will be coming back to The Biggest Loser ranch. Tara starts crying during the video of their stories. She might be crying because more competition is coming into the house or she’s crying because she’s touched by their stories. I like to think that she is feeling empathetic. But then again, I love Tara.

Estella, Nicole and David walk into the gym to greet the contestants. Ali Vincent tells them that only one of them will be allowed to stay on campus. Whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss will return to campus and have immunity for the first week back.

Nicole, originally 269 pounds, currently 182 pounds, -87 pounds, 32.34%
Estella, originally 242 pounds, currently 197 pounds, -45 pounds, 18.60%
David, originally 393 pounds, currently 347 pounds, -46 pounds, 11.70%

Nicole is back on campus. She’s back in the game and she showed America that it can be done at home. She has the second highest percentage of weight loss in the competition, just behind Tara. You can tell all of the contestants are scared. Nicole might just be as big of a threat as Tara.

When the contestants get to know Nicole, they start complimenting her accomplishment and she claims it hasn’t really set in. Helen takes her upstairs and explains that the game is scary. At 11:04pm, Nicole is still in the gym. Almost all of the contestants tell her to be careful. 7:35am and Nicole’s the first up jogging. Correction, her and Tara are the only ones up. They start talking about the game and Nicole hates it. She even says that she knows she can’t trust Tara because she’s “all over the place.”

Bob comes back in to find his team waiting for him. They bring out Nicole and tell him she’ll be joining their team. He’s overjoyed that she’s lost 87 pounds at home. Then, Tara tells Jillian about Nicole being back and she’s scared. Jillian tries to calm her down and ends up telling her that she’s “manic.” Tara explains that she’s been defensive the whole time. She’s scared that she gained a hundred pounds in a year and that she has no idea why that happened to her. Jillian points out that acknowledging there are bigger issues at work is a pivotal first step.

Bob pulls Kristin and Sione aside to talk to them about the house drama. They both tell Bob that Ron tried to send Filipe home. He tells them that they need to focus on keeping themselves above the yellow line. He then sets them to their workouts.

Jillian pulls Laura and Helen aside to talk to them about Nicole. Oh, just kidding, it’s PRODUCT PLACEMENT TIME! Trickery Jillian Michaels, trickery. Multi-grain Cheerios are the best breakfast food ever!

Ron tells Bob that on the way to the gym, Ron started having chest pains. Sandy, the medic on staff, sends Ron to the hospital to run some tests. Dr Huzienga tells us that Ron was not having a heart attack but he did have a sudden blood loss. He’s bleeding somewhere and they need to find out the source as soon as possible. After some investigatory surgery, the doctors found out that Ron had two ulcers which are both completely healed. Because of his gastric bypass surgery, he has a reoccurring ulcer that will require him to be on a medication for a while.

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