'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.12 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Cathy sacrificed herself to keep Aubrey in the game. The blue team walks back in the living room and the black team is floored. No one can believe Cathy went home. Aubrey and Kristin explain that Cathy decided to go home for the two of them. Kristin is very emotional at this point and gets hugs and love from all the other contestants, especially Tara and Mike. Ron says he’d do the exact same thing for Mike, which we all knew already. When Kristin goes to her room and sees Cathy’s empty bed, she’s fired up because she knows Cathy risked everything for her and she needs to give it her all.

The contestants walk into the gym the next day and see all their colored t-shirts on mannequins along with Alison Sweeney waiting for them. She tells them all that they’re going to singles. Everyone will be in their individual colors from here on out. Kristin goes back to purple, Aubrey goes back to yellow, Tara and Laura go back to green, Filipe and Sione go back to blue, Ron and Mike go back to brown, and finally, Helen goes back to pink. Alison Sweeney gives Mike his original shirt from his first day on campus. He’s lost 118 pounds thus far. Him and Aubrey get in his old shirt together. He’s lost a whole person!

Alison Sweeney tells them that they will pick who will train them for the rest of their time at the ranch. Filipe is psyched about this because he’s already picked his trainer. Mike, who’s worked with both seems to be having a difficult decision. The contestants have an hour to decide. Aubrey and Helen both have a difficult decision ahead of them because they can choose Jillian the undefeated or choose Bob the inspirational leader. Will Laura leave Jillian? Will Mike make the right choice? He flips a coin, but I doubt that’s how he’s going to make the final decision.

The players walk back into the gym to meet Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. The contestants aren’t happy to see that they have to make the decision in front of their trainers. Jillian comments that it’s a cruel scenario and she imagines that the decision will be difficult for Helen and Mike. Tara, who has the highest percentage of weight loss thus far, gets to go first. She chooses Jillian. Mike is up next and tells them he flipped a coin and picked Jillian. Bob’s hurt but Mike is crying about the decision. Ron says he’s disappointed he left it up to a coin toss and he thinks his son’s an idiot. Bob tells him it’s okay and that he just wants what’s best for him. Helen, also crying, picks Jillian. Now Bob’s really hurt. It’s kind of heartbreaking because you know Bob cares SO much. Kristin steps up and happily picks Bob. Filipe also easily picks Bob. He hugs Bob and although Bob’s happy, you can tell he’s still hurting over Helen and Mike. Sione references when Bob told him to “be the man your family thinks you are” and tells them all that he’s picking Bob. Ron easily picks Bob as well. Laura shocks everyone when she decides to stay with Jillian. She told Jillian that she trusts her and thanks her for all that she’s done and Jillian thanks her back. Finally, Aubrey chooses Bob.

The contestants get straight to their workouts. Laura is only 4 pounds away from losing 100. Filipe is also close. Kristin is also in the running to be the first women to lose 100 pounds on the Biggest Loser campus. Both Bob and Jillian want to see those results this week. Kristin pulls Bob outside and tells him that she needs him. She says, win or lose, she wants to make an impact. Bob tells her that he’s going to do everything he can for her.
Challenge time! The contestants walk up to Alison Sweeney outside with scales and weight blocks. The contestants have to distribute the weight they’ve lost amongst the other contestants. Alison Sweeney refuses to say what the competition is, but tells them that the winner will win immunity. Tara has a big target on her back because she’s a huge competitor. Kristin calls it the “how much everyone in the house hates you” game. Aubrey goes first and distributes her weight to Helen and Tara. Ron gives his weight to Helen. Ron admits that Bob’s team is sending a message to those that have “left the pack.” In fact, everyone’s giving their weight to Tara. And Helen. Tara’s not amused that everyone thinks it’s so funny. Tara has 257 pounds added to her scale and she starts crying because she’s saddened that it’s clear no one wants her to win. She mentioned that everyone is ganging up on her and Aubrey tries to tell her that it’s “fun” and it’s a “compliment” and Tara’s not having it.

Tara doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Everyone wants to tell Tara it’s not personal. Aubrey goes up to talk to her and Tara doesn’t want to talk to her so she walks away. She’s feeling very defeated at the moment and asks to be left alone. Laura goes to find her outside and Tara breaks down. She tells Laura that she’s going to throw the next weigh in and send herself home. Laura tells her she’ll never let her do that because Tara never let her quit when she wanted to. Laura points out that Tara’s here for Tara and no one else.

The contestants walk up to cars painted with their colors and names on a racetrack. Alison Sweeney tells them that when they came to the Biggest Loser, they looked a little beaten up and not as able to walk around the track. Clint Bowyer drives up in a racecar and tells his from rags to riches story. It’s all about goals baby! The challenge is to pull a car that weighs over two tons nearly half a mile. The first person to cross the finish line wins. The extra weight evens out like this: Ron – 37 lbs, Mike – 63 lbs, Filipe – 67 lbs, Aubrey - 72 lbs, Sione – 92 lbs, Helen – 215 lbs, and Tara – 257 lbs. The winner also gets to go with Clint to a huge Nascar event and be treated like a superstar.

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