'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.09 Recap
This week on The Biggest Loser, 11 players are left in the game after last week's shocking elimination after the Blue Team sent their second biggest loser Dane home. So far, the contestants on the ranch have lost half a ton of weight.

When the blue team comes back without Dane, Mike is overjoyed because he's a huge threat to both him and his dad. Tara feels the opposite because she feels like she has no one left to lean on. Awkward. Mandi deduces that Cathy, Kristin and Ron will bond together and go after her and Aubrey first.

The contestants go to Chef's Inc to meet Rocco DiSpirito to learn about the dangers of fast food. The challenge is to make the best tasting, low calorie, low fat pizza, burger, and taco. The contestants have thirty minutes to make the pizza. The winning team wins a dinner with Rocco and one player will be randomly selected to receive an extra vote in the elimination this week. The winning pizza was made by Ron from the blue team. The winning burrito was made by Sione on the black team. The winning burger was made by Helen and Laura of the black team. Each member of the black team picks a fortune cookie and Laura gets the cookie that has the extra vote

The black team won a home cooked meal from Rocco DiSpirito. The blue team must wash up the dishes of their meal as a punishment for losing.

Bob takes the blue team off the ranch to the local 24 Hour Fitness. Sugar Ray Leonard will be helping them out in a boxing exercise, which Aubrey's really excited about because she used to be an amateur boxer. He explains that half the battle is internal. His presence gives them a much-needed moral boost.

Dr. Huzienga comes to the gym to inform Tara and Mike that they are the biggest losers. They've both lost a ton of weight. Mandi's improved in her treadmill test. Ron's diabetes is doing better. Overall, our Biggest Loser contestants are doing great.

Jillion Michaels pulls Sione aside to talk to him about the trainer transition. She promises him she'll be giving him all her attention. And she does. She kicks his ass so much he rolls his ankle. He has a level one sprain, which isn't bad at all.

The contestants visit the Los Angeles Food Bank for their challenge. They must take the donated food, assemble it into a kit, and then take the kits across the warehouse and load them on the trucks. The first team to load 150 kits onto the trucks wins. Each member of the winning team will receive free groceries for a year from General Mills as well as letters from home. The black team picks Laura to sit out. Black team wins 150 kits to 141.

Aubrey breaks down crying. She has five kids at home and has been on food stamps before. The next morning, Mike enters Aubrey's room and asks her if she'll let him give his year's supply of groceries to her. She tearfully accepts.

During the last chance work out, Mandi breaks down because she thinks she'll be going home if her team loses the weigh-in. Bob tells her she has to fight like she has nothing to lose because she has everything to lose. Jillian decides it's time to address Laura's lack of focus. She gets everyone on the black team to admit Laura's the weakest link and then when Laura doesn't respond, Jillian tells her she's given up on her. Laura storms out of the gym and Tara tells Jillian that she should feel bad for what she did. Jillian admits that it's the meanest thing she's ever done. Later that night, Laura goes to Jillian and tells her she felt like she was thrown under the bus. Jillian works her through the fact that she doesn't love herself. In the end, they took a baby step forward.

Alison Sweeny announces that they will not be weighed in against each other; they'll be weighed in with each other. If they lost a pound a day for the last week, they're all guaranteed immunity and one more week on campus. They all have to have lost a combined total of 77 pounds. If they lost less than that, one person from each team will be going home this week. For every pound they have lost, The Biggest Loser will donate one hundred pounds of food through Feeding America.

Black Team:
Tara, -11 pounds, 5.21%
Helen, -5 pounds, 2.52%
Sione, -3 pounds, 1.04%
Laura, -7 pounds, 3.00%
Filipe, -8 pounds, 2.82%

Blue Team:
Cathy, -3 pounds, 1.20%
Kristin, -9 pounds, 3.23%
Mandi, -8 pounds, 3.94%
Aubrey, -8 pounds, 3.79%
Ron, -6 pounds, 1.72%

Mike needs to lose 9 pounds or more in order to keep everyone on the ranch. But, we don't get to find out. No, we have to wait until next week to see if little Mikey came through.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of NBC)