'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.08 Part 1 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Shanon from the Pink team elected to go home to keep her mom, Helen on the ranch. Whether or not her sacrifice will pay off is yet to be seen.

Helen's already questioning her decision but she knows that she'll have to push through in order to make Shanon's sacrifice worth it.

At the Pop Challenge, the contestants walk up to find Alison Sweny standing in between two boards with black shirts and blue shirts on them. She informs them that they'll be split into black and blue teams. The winner of the pop challenge gets to keep their trainer. The last place team will automatically be split up. The challenge is a standard football drill. The player must lay down and then jump back up to touch the chip. The catch is that it'll all be done in the mud. Dane, Mandi, Helen, Sione, Tara, and Kristen compete. The first to 100 up downs wins. It's a clear race between Tara and Sione. Tara just barely wins by one hit. Sione gets up after a while and comes in second place. Followed by Mandi, Dane, Mike, Kristen and then Helen.

Laura and Tara go up to accept their prize. Tara gets emotional when she talks about how Jillian Michaels is changing her life. Helen goes up to accept her punishment, joining Tara and Laura on the black team to be trained by Jillian. Filipe and Sione are the first to have the coin flipped and it lands on black. They'll be joining Jillian in the gym. Sione is angry he came in second. He feels like he's betraying Bob Harper. Mandi and Aubrey go up. If it lands on black, they'll be split up but if it lands on blue, they can stay together, but they'll be training with Bob. It's blue and they are the first members of Bob's blue team. Dane switches trainers and is the newest member of the blue team. Mike and Ron must split up when the coin comes up black. Mike will join Jillian's team and Ron will join Bob's. Kristen and Cathy are staying with Bob but they're upset that they'll be without Fhilip, Sione, Helen, and Mike.

There are no more couples. As of right now, it's just Black vs. Blue. The teams are:

Blue Team:

Black Team:

Up next: Jillian and Bob meet their new teams

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