'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.07 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Blaine was the first single player to be eliminated. Dane, on the Black team, is now the only one who doesn't have a partner. The cast takes a walk to the gym together and they run into Alison Sweeny. She informs them they're experiencing a pop challenge.

They'll be competing for the keys to the gym. There are only two keys. If they don't get a key, they won't have access to the gym. They must hike up a hill where they'll find 130 keys. Each team member has to pick one key and then go back down the hill to test it in one of the two locks.

Everyone hits the hill running except Ron, who can't on his two bad knees. Tara makes it to the board first and grabs a random key. Helen, Sione, and Mandi follow and all four of their keys don't work. Ron's having an extremely difficult time but each of the other cast members stop to make sure he's okay. Twenty minutes have passed and no one's found a working key. Tara starts throwing up after her seventh key but keeps going.

Shanon and Helen use their third eye to find the correct key after 56 minutes. Bob has taught them to focus in yoga. Mike helps out his dad along the walk but still manages to wind up with the second key.

Bob Harper's team has to tell him that they've kept Dane. Bob's angry but he's a bit happier when he finds out the brown team and the pink team are the only ones with access to the gym. On the other hand, Jillian Michaels is so angry that her team can't enter the gym. She decides she'll just have them all work out inside the house.

Shanon and Helen make Jillian's side of the gym into a lounge. Bob's got his team working outside right away. Kristin and Cathy of the Pink team and Sione and Filipe of the Blue team start working out with the lawn furniture. Inside, Jillian's working her team as if they are in an aerobics class. Tara's having a lot of trouble focusing during the indoor workouts. She finally says she's going to give up and asks for a “five-second” break. Jillian refuses. She asks Tara what's wrong and she admits she misses Blaine and is afraid Laura won't be able to cut it this week.

Bob comes in and sees the lounge the Pink team has made on Jillian's side. He's not as impressed as they'd like. He starts laying into them because they were not as intense as he'd like them to be.

Product placement time! Bob shows his team the TRX which is just a glorified rope.

Filipe and Kristin decide to mud wrestle. It's less exciting than you'd think. Mike and Tara come out and start to play around in the mud with them. The four of them go sliding and chase each other around. It's great to see the cast getting along so well and having such a good time together. It definitely explains why Bob's team made the moral decision last week to send Blaine home as opposed to playing the game.

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