'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.06 Recap (Page 1/3)
Last week, we saw The Biggest Loser partners return to the ranch. The bottom two teams were Joelle and Carla and Mike and Ron. Due to Joelle's poor attitude, Carla and Joelle were sent home.

Ron and Mike discuss the fact that they fell below the yellow line for the second week in a row. Neither can figure out why they aren't losing the weight they should. They reveal that they want to be there for Max, Mike's brother, who's also overweight and only 16 years old.

Alison Sweeny visits the house to reveal the first ever “Pop Challenge.” Each player is going to stand on a block on one foot for as long as possible. The winner will receive a 24-hour visit from a loved one. Ron is the first one out at 9 seconds and Mike follows at 20 seconds. Kristen falls at 35 seconds. At 2:21, Dane is out. Tara falls into the pool. Kathy falls. Helen and Shannon get out at the same time. Laura and Sione fall just after 5 minutes. Mandi pleads Filipe to let her see her husband and he purposefully gives up for her. This shakes Blaine at ten minutes. She starts to plead to Blaine. Blaine asks Aubrey if she'll give up for Mandi and she says, “Of course.” Aubrey and Blaine give up for Mandi. Blaine was just home a couple weeks ago to see his baby being born. Mandi rejoices and hugs the rest of the cast, thanking them for their sacrifice.

Bob Harper confronts his team. They plead with the Brown team to try harder to not be below the yellow line this week. Bob concludes that it must be their diets. He sits them down individually and tells them that they have to feed their bodies. Mike, at 18, could drop weight really quickly if his metabolism kicks in.

Mandi and Aubrey tell Jillian Michaels about Mandi's win. Jillian isn't pleased at all because she thinks that Mandi and her husband's reunion won't go well. Mandi's confident that she'll be able to stand up for herself.

Bob and his team do yoga! He's mentally focusing them to kick butt this week. Jillian decides to drive into Laura because Jillian's convinced that Laura's not trying hard enough. She says there's no intensity behind Laura.

Product placement time! Bob takes his team on a hike to Subway. He makes his team run a while, but he has to hang back with Ron because of his knee injury. When they get there, Bob tells them they can all get a snack because they're hiking another two miles to another Subway. Sione makes a joke about burning all the calories ahead of time by walking to the Subway.

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