'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.02 Recap
People are still shocked by the surprise eliminations last week. Brooklyn, NY, we visit our first at home contestant from the red team, Nicole. Detroit, Michigan, is home to Shannon of the pink team. In Miami, Florida, we find Laura of the green team. They explain to their families why they’re home so early. Aubrey (yellow), Sione (blue), and Carla (siiver) are also at home for their teammates. They all meet their new trainers and obviously, experience challenges with food.

Back at The Biggest Loser ranch, Allison Sweeny meets everyone by the gate to introduce them to temptation. She offers them a “piece” of the $250,000 prize meaning $5,000. Then $10,000. Then finally, $25,000.  Joelle of the silver team struggles with the decision but eventually decides against it. The rest of the ranch now doubts Joelle’s commitment. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels meet what’s left of their teams after the first week’s elimination. They impress upon them the importance of following through on the ranch for their partners back at home.

Bob sits down with Joelle to gauge her commitment. He asks her what she needs to forgive and she starts to cry, lamenting about all the goals she hasn’t met and all the bad decisions she’s ever made. Bob’s my favorite therapist.

Jillian and Bob complain about week two. Jillian claims that she’s the best and yet knows that week 2 might not go well for her. Bob says that this year, he’s got it in the bag. Unfortunately, Joelle is on his team and seems to not care as much as the others. Again.

Back at the home visits, contestants have all been working hard hiking, boxing, lifting weights, and dancing with their trainers. Hopefully they can all keep it up.

The individual challenge starts from a boat this week. Contestants race in a sea kayak to the shore and then race to the top of the mountain and the first person to the top wins immunity. First through fourth places get a call home. Joelle mentions how upset she is that she didn’t take the money again. Last place in the competition will receive a one-pound disadvantage at this week’s weight in. The couples teams who are still left must pick a representative to compete. The black team picks Blaine and the brown team picks Mike.

Blaine and Helen start out up front. Tara comes up behind Blaine and it’s clear that the Black and Green teams are the strongest. Tara keeps just behind Blaine, trying to not expend any more energy than she needs to in order to win. Tara makes a break for it near the top and Blaine is slow to respond. Blaine claims she should have waited to make her move but she ends up fighting her way to the finish. Green team has immunity. Mandi finishes 3rd for the yellow team. Helen gets the last phone call for the pink team. Mike, Damian, Kristen, Joelle, Filipe, Jerry and then finally Daniel finishes last getting the one pound extra. Tara, Blaine, and Mandi come down to help Daniel to the top, which is so sweet of them. For the last stretch, Blaine tells Daniel he needs to finish himself and he triumphantly does. Daniel wins my heart by saying that he’s glad to take the hit for Jerry. Tara wins me over to by giving Filipe her phone call home.

Filipe calls his wife. Blaine also calls his wife. He’s having a baby in two weeks and is able to speak to her for a little while before they both tear up. It’s adorable and it’s really sad he can’t be with his wife at this time. Mandi gets to call her husband. Helen gets to call Shannon and they both start crying because Helen used her one phone call to call Shannon instead of her husband.

Last chance workout time. Bob and Jillian really push them in order to avoid the bad week 2 numbers. Joelle is giving Bob a hard time again. Jerry is struggling with Jillian and she worries he doesn’t have the stamina to be a contender. Daniel runs 7 miles per hour of his own accord as Jillian cheers him on. Then, again, Joelle is being difficult. She keeps stopping at 20 seconds on Bob’s 30-second runs and Bob flips out on her. She claims to be pushing herself and Bob yells at her and tells her she’s not. She finally, after several attempts and several of Bob’s temples popping out, completes a 30-second run.

At the weigh-in, the contestants back at home discuss their fears of being kicked off due to their partners’ performances.

Tara (and Laura) Green Team, -1

Team Black, Dane, -14 lbs and Blaine, -16 lbs, -30 pounds total 4.04%
Team Pink, Helen (and Shannon), -8 pounds total 3.27%
Team Purple, Kristin (and Cathy), -10 pounds total 2.93%
Team Blue, Filipe (and Sione), -9 pounds total 2.59%
Team Brown, Ron, - 7 lbs and Mike, -12 lbs, -19 pounds total 2.49%
Team Red, Damien (and Nicole), -9 pounds total 2.47%
Team Yellow, Mandi (and Aubrey), -6 pounds total 2.39%
Team Silver, Joelle (and Carla), -2 pounds total 0.68%
Team Orange, Daniel (and David), -3 pounds total 0.47%
Team White, Jerry (and Estella), -1 pound total 0.29%

Joelle was boasting that she was going to prove everyone wrong in the weigh in but ends up just squeaking out of the bottom two. If Daniel did not have his one-pound penalty, he would have been safe. The worst thing that could possibly happens, happens. Dan and Jerry are in the bottom two and everyone knows they are the two that need to be at the ranch the most.

Deliberation starts and it’s the hardest decision they will probably have to make this season. Ron appeals to them all to keep Dan in the house because he’s never been anything but the fat kid. He doesn’t have faith that Dan can do it by himself at home. In the elimination room, things are beyond tense. Jerry gets 5 votes in a row and is eliminated from the house. He’s saddened but he’s comforted knowing he’ll see his grandkids and Estella soon. It’s 3 months later and Estella and Jerry are looking great. Jerry’s diabetes has disappeared and they are as healthy as ever. Estella now weighs in below 200 pounds. Jerry has lost 84 pounds since being kicked off.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(image Courtesy of NBC)