'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.16 Recap (Page 1/2)
Last week on The Biggest Loser, Tim Gunn gave our contestants makeovers. Unfortunately, the worst injury to ever hit the ranch fell on Laura and she was eliminated.

This week, Kristin is psyched to still be in the house. She even goes as far as thanking Ron. Tara, on the other hand, isn't handling Laura's departure that well. She didn't realize how much she depended on Laura. She definitely realizes that it's game time. And all the other contestants do too.

Jillian Michaels comes to the house to find Tara alone in her room. Evidently, Jillian told Mike to send Laura home and Tara wants to confront her about it. Jillian starts yelling at Tara and tells her to stop being selfish. We all know Jillian is competitive and would take out Bob's team is she could but Laura needed to be home because she can't walk. Jillian tells her that it's time for her to focus on herself. They then hug and say I love you. It's cute.

Bob Harper walks in to find his team in the living room. He tells them that they only have three weigh-ins left so they need to get serious. Bob pulls Kristin aside and tells her she has to stop doubting herself. She tells him she's scared to say she wants to make it to the end because it'll be horrible if she doesn't get there. Bob tells her that she's worth it and she finally starts to believe it. She cries as she tells us that she now knows she deserves to win just as much of the rest of the contestants. Her and Bob hug. It's also cute.

Allison Sweeney and Rosemary Ellis, the editor of Good Housekeeping, meet the contestants in a room that's set up like a game show. They'll be asked four questions and the person with the most correct answers will win. The winner gets an all expense paid trip to New York. The number of servings in the pizza is 8 servings. No one gets it right. I wouldn't have. All the contestants get that olive oil is the healthiest oil except Ron. Ron, Mike and Kristin get that ground turkey breast has the lowest percentage of fat. People that wear a pedometer walk 2,000 extra steps a day. Ron, Helen, Mike and Kristin get it right. Mike and Kristin are tied so they have a bonus round. The person closest to guessing the calories in the fast food fried fish sandwich will win. Kristin guesses 435 calories and Mike guesses 635 calories. The sandwich has 640 calories. Mike was only 5 calories off so he wins. Kristin then asks him if he's even old enough to go to New York.

Bob Harper gets upset that that his team didn't kill on the nutrition contest. He tells them they have to film a day of their eating so that he can see what they are cooking. Jillian finds Mike and Tara cooking lunch and Mike proceeds to give Jillian a nutrition lesson. Oh Mike...

It's challenge time! Allison Sweeney meets the contestants outside by this cage contraption. They will be suspended 45 feet in the air holding themselves up with a rope. The winner will get $10,000 or a one-pound advantage in the weigh-in. Kristin and Helen are not handling the height well at the beginning of the competition. Kristin says the fear of dropping in her cage is what keeps her holding on. Mike falls right away because he doesn't like the height. Filipe starts bending over and starts talking trash to Tara and Helen. Ron's hands slip and he falls next. Filipe starts shaking the contraption after 35 minutes. Filipe finally falls just before 45 minutes. Kristin falls next. Helen tries to make a deal with Tara and when Tara refuses, she says, "Nothing touches you, does it?" Well that's kind of manipulative. After she falls, she starts crying so I feel bad for her but she shouldn't mess with Tara like that. That's my home girl you're talking to.

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