'The Biggest Loser' Contestants - Where Are They Now?
Sure, contestants on The Biggest Loser say that they're only there to lose the weight. In most ways, it's true. They leave the competition literally half their size and virtually unrecognizable!  Most head home to their families and live the quiet life they led before becoming a reality tv star.  For others, though, there's a bigger plan.  Besides appearing at various charity events, many Biggest Loser contestants try to share their knowledge with fans and others struggling with weight.  Some even become personal trainers.  Today, we take a look at some past contestants to see how life has changed for them and what they've been up to.

Dan Evans said, even while on The Biggest Loser's 5th season, that he had hoped to start a music career once he was done with the show. He lost 136 pounds on the ranch and stayed true to his word. Dan released an album and today, he's meeting fans at Circuit City in Mesquite. There, he'll perform and sign autographs for fans.

Since knocking the other season 4 contestants of The Biggest Loser out with a 1-2 punch, Bill and Jim Germanakos have focused on helping others get healthy. The brothers have started a website, weightlosstwins.com, where they share weight loss tips and interact with fans on their message board. It seems Jim caught the entertainment bug, too! You can listen to clips of the at home winner crooning on the site.

Neil Tejwani gained notoriety in season 4 for intentionally packing on the pounds in order to throw a weigh in.  Since leaving the show, though, he has worked to help others lose weight by eating a healthy diet.  He's come up with a new initiative, NeilZ MealZ, which teams up with local companies to put labels on food that are healthy alternatives to eating fast food, ordering in, or dining out.

Season 2 contestant Dr. Jeff also has started a website, as well as a successful lecture series.  The title of his lecture is "Confessions Of A Biggest Loser: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles To Our Patients, Children, And Ourselves By Practicing What We Teach" and he performs it at hospitals and medical centers around the country.

It's not all happy times for the former contestants of The Biggest Loser. David Fioravanti, of season 1, who won $100,000 as the player who lost the most at home, in in one big legal mess. This week, it was announced that he is charged with five counts of motor vehicle insurance fraud, two counts of insurance fraud, larceny over $250, attempted larceny over $250 and making a false statement on a motor vehicle registration. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court in November.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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(Image courtesy of WeightLossTwins.com)