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Mike and Sione are out in front. Sione starts slowing down because he started running at the start. Tara’s strategy is “keep moving.” Tara starts to catch up from behind. She says that being gained up on made her only push harder. Mike falls behind and Tara comes up on Sione’s back end. Laura notes that Tara’s pissed. I want her to win so badly right now, it’s not even funny. 257 pounds more than you all and she’s still being you. What now? She passes Sione going strong and Kristin and Laura walk out to support her. Tara’s won immunity! She says “I’m still going to do the best I can. And my best? It’s better than yours.” Hilarious!

After the race, Mike and Aubrey walk back to help Ron pull his car across the finish line. Alison Sweeney tells Tara that she’s won immunity, a checkered flag, the Nascar package, and she gets to go on victory laps with Clint Bowyer. Aubrey’s really jealous. Probably serves them all right. He start pulling donuts on the racetrack. Tara notes that she won’t stop now that she has immunity; she’s only going to work harder. And she’s really excited to tell Jillian.

Tara tells Jillian about the challenge. Jillian says “obviously Tara lost.” They tell her there’s another part to the challenge and that she actually won and pulled the car across the finish line first. Jillian pulls her aside and says, “way to stick it to them.” She says her heart is literally bursting for her.

Product Placement Time! Jeanie-o turkey stuff! Woooo! You can barbeque it? Thanks Bob Harper!

Last chance workout! Jillian is riding Helen because she has a big target on her back. Bob’s working hard with Filipe and Sione to push them over the edge. Bob also rides Aubrey when she seems to be slacking. They all note that Bob never goes easy on you. Jillian and Tara are working closely with one another as they have clearly bonded more after all Tara’s been through this week.

Weigh-in time! Tara looks gooooooood this week. For some reason she looks much skinnier at the weigh-in. The two people with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be below the yellow line.

Tara’s one pound short of beating the record. Kristin weighs in right after her. Kristin becomes the first woman on campus to lose more than 100 pounds. She says she feels on top of the world except for the fact that her mom isn’t there to see her in this milestone. Ron starts crying when he loses 10 pounds because he’s afraid it’ll put his son below the yellow line. Luckily for him, Filipe only lost 4 pounds this week and he becomes the person with the lowest percentage of weight lost.

Tara, -3 lbs, 1.52%

Laura, -7 lbs, 3.18%
Ron, -10 lbs, 3.06%
Kristin, -8 lbs, 3.04%
Helen, -5 lbs, 2.75%
Sione, -7 lbs, 2.56%
Mike, -6 lbs, 2.22%
Aubrey, -4 lbs, 2.05%
Filipe, -4 lbs, 1.50%

It’s completely up in the air with Filipe and Aubrey up for elimination. Aubrey tells the contestants that she’s not ready to go home yet because she’s scared. Filipe tells them to vote with their hearts. Filipe says he’s going into the elimination confident because he has close personal connections with everyone in the house. The two of them leave the room and Sione speaks up for Filipe. Aubrey goes to write everyone letters in case she goes home.

It’s elimination time. Ron notes that Kristin might be the swing vote. Tara votes for Filipe because Mandi sacrificed herself for Aubrey so she must need to be here. Mike votes for Aubrey. Laura tells them all that Aubrey needs to be at the ranch so she votes for Filipe. Helen explains that Aubrey and her never got to know one another, which is why she votes for her. Crying, Kristin explains she’s decided to vote for Aubrey. .Ron explains that Aubrey needs to go home and help her dad and seals her fate. Aubrey says a tearful goodbye to all the contestants. Helen doesn’t get up to hug her.

Aubrey started at the Biggest Loser ranch at 249 pounds. She leaves at 191 pounds. Aubrey goes home to Justin, her husband and Mandi and the rest of her family. Bryce, her dad, tells them that he’s lost 26 pounds since she’s been gone. They make a pact to work together. By day 8 at home, she’s gained 3 pounds. By day 19, she’s gained 9 pounds. She’s slipped back into putting everyone else ahead of herself. Two months later, Aubrey’s back at the gym, and has lost 10 pounds since leaving the ranch.

Next week, the eliminated players are back for a second chance and Ron has a medical scare.

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-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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