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Aubrey struggles with being at home. Whoever was taking care of the kids when she was gone obviously isn't helping her out now. Kristin works Cathy and her family just like Bob. Laura runs her butt off. Mike and Ron have difficulties at their favorite restaurant because the owner offer them all the pizza and beer they want. Sione also has difficulties ordering at a restaurant. Tara takes of Product Placement Time with Extra gum. Helen has trouble with Polish food out at the grocery store. Helen's overcome with emotion when she starts shopping right.

Aubrey confronts her father, Bryce, about his weight. He's around 500 pounds. She tells him he has to lose 300 pounds and he starts to make jokes about it. Bryce claims to have already started and Aubrey points out that he eats horrible. He hasn't quite understood what he must do in order to change his life.

It's goodbye time. Aubrey and Helen struggle. Kristin's husband, Filipe's wife, Sione's wife, Cathy's husband, and Tara's mom are all really supportive. Helen has a hard time saying goodbye to Shannon again Mike and Ron have a hard time leaving Max behind.

Back at the ranch, the contestants are greeted by Alison Sweeney in the gym. She reminds them that the person with the fastest time will win $10,000. She announces that either Sione or Tara will win the cash. She then asks if anyone penalized Sione by eating a cookie. Tara finished a minute faster than Sione but Helen ate a cookie to penalize Tara. She cost her $10,000. Tara questions her motives because she doesn't think that Helen ever believed she could beat Sione.

Last chance workout time! Jillian Michaels wants to work everyone extra hard because she knows they were all slacking at home. Filipe and Sione are still with Bob Harper. If Kristin can lose 10 pounds this week, she'll be the first female contestant to lose more than a hundred pounds on campus. (More Twilight commercials during the break. Ooo, it's one I've never seen!)

Weigh-in time! Right now Kristin, Tara, Sione, Filipe and Ron are all on the verge of breaking the hundred pound mark. Here are the results: Laura only lost 7 pounds the month she spent at home and here she's lost 6 pounds in one week at home. Jillian notes that something inside her has changed. Tara only loses 2 pounds and she freaks out. Jillian tells her that she'll be fine and that she needs to stop over training. When Sione only loses 4 pounds, Jillian accredits Bob's training to the difference because they've lost less weight with them. Ron breaks the 100 mark and has lost 103 pounds since the start of the game.

Black Team, 34 pounds 2.35%
Helen, -7 pounds, 3.70%
Mike, -8 pounds, 2.88%
Laura, -6 pounds, 2.65%
Filipe, -7 pounds, 2.62%
Sione, -4 pounds, 1.44%
Tara, -2 pounds, 1.00%

Blue Team, -15 pounds, 1.44%
Ron, -10 pounds, 2.97%
Aubrey, -5 pounds, 2.50%
Cathy, -1 pound, 0.41%
Kristin, +1 pound,

The Blue Team loses again. Ron has immunity. Aubrey pleads her case. Cathy volunteers to go home and Aubrey tells her she can't sacrifice herself for her. Cathy says she needs to put Kristin first. The blue team enters the elimination room for the third week in a row and the team does what Cathy asked and send her home. Cathy says that she's honored to be a member of the blue team. They don't have to win anything for her to be proud of what they've accomplished.

Cathy started at The Biggest Loser ranch at 293 pounds. She accredits Kristin and Bob in helping her transformation. Today Cathy weighs 215 pounds. She loves spin class and claims she's replaced her food addiction with spinning. Cathy has been encouraging her other daughters to lose weight with her. She and her daughters have lost a total of 141 pounds. She hopes they will lose 205 by the finale.

Next week, Tara or Kristin will be the first woman to lose more than 100 pounds on The Biggest Loser campus.

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-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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