'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Episode 7.05 Recap (Page 2/3)
It's product placement time! Jillian Michaels convinces the Black Team to eat Cheerios under the guise that she's concerned about their weight loss and dedication.

Jillian enters therapy time with Laura. She challenges her to find why she eats. Laura does her best to imagine the life she's been striving for. Joelle is starting at Carla working out over and over again. She's always sitting around drinking water or wandering around the room. Shanon cries over and over again. Bob Harper remarks on how strong she is even though she cries a lot. She never quits, which is admirable.

Weigh in time and it looks like Bob and Jillian have dressed up for this one, showing just how important it really is. Jillian is wearing a bad-ass leather jacket and she has her game face on.

The Yellow Team picks the two pound advantage over the $5000, making the going rate for a pound

Team Blue, Filipe, -3 lbs and Sione, -8 lbs, -11 pounds total 1.73%

Team Green, Tara, -12 lbs and Laura, -13 lbs, -25 pounds total 4.84%
Team Yellow, Mandi, -6 lbs and Aubrey, -10 lbs, -16(+2) pounds total 3.90%
Team Pink, Helen, -9 lbs and Shanon -9 lbs, -18 pounds total 3.75%
Team Black, Dane, -11 lbs and Blaine, -9 lbs, -20 pounds total 3.04%
Team Purple, Kristin, -11 lbs and Cathy, -5 lbs, -16 pounds total 2.74%
Team Brown, Ron, -4 lbs and Mike, -9 lbs, -13 pounds total 1.83%
Team Silver, Joelle, -0 lbs and Carla, -9 lbs, -9 pounds total 1.44%

Several important things: First of all, Joelle didn't lose any weight this week. Carla was busting her ass and Joelle did nothing. Mike and Ron are up for their second elimination in a row. Tara and Laura win the weight in for the second week in a row for the Green Team. It's no secret that Tara is my favorite player. Teams will no doubt be conflicted over who to send home because no one thinks Carla deserves to go.

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