Jillian Michaels' Facebook Post Draws Offense (For What, Really?)
Umm, sure, okay.

At least 600 people have posted comments on a Facebook post by The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels, calling offense over her choice of words in talking about the latest bunch of contestants on the show.

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The post was a week back: it was posted on December 30. "My baby is finally home," Michaels wrote there. "So funny. I never used to care about being away from people I dated. I loved having the space. Now, I seem to count the seconds. Am I getting old and soft? Get a few hours together and then I am off to BL. Monkeys are back on campus. Work to be done."

The word in question: "monkeys". Many of those who commented found the term offensive, and let Jillian know just that in her comments page.

However, NBC is taking things in stride. A rep for the network told TVGuide.com that the word was simply a "term of endearment".

Exactly. I mean, I think "monkey" here sounds cute--and nowhere else in the post does it suggest that Jillian thinks otherwise. Else she would've been given her walking papers early on. Question: should Jillian watch her words, or should everybody else watch what they get offended on?

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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