Five Reasons Why Last Night's Episode of 'The Biggest Loser' Confused the Heck Out of Me
Five Reasons Why Last Night's Episode of 'The Biggest Loser' Confused the Heck Out of Me
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I usually have a handle on The Biggest Loser. The moves are predictable. Someone causes drama, everyone runs on treadmills, there are challenges, Alison wears something wretched to said challenges, there is a weigh-in, and someone goes home. Easy, right?

Not last night. Even I, a seasoned veteran of The Biggest Loser, was thrown for many a loop. Let's check this out, shall we?

1) Alison's wardrobe choices.
Guys, I know I saw this every week, but doesn't this woman have a stylist? A leopard coat with a brown and silver newsboy cap? Gigantic camouflage cargo pants? Is anyone else paying attention to the absurdity of this? Anyone?

2) Cara's face.
Is it just me, or does she look perpetually terrified? Maybe it's because she has to share the gym with Jillian, but Cara always seems to be looking over her shoulder in anxiety. When she spars with people, she looks like she's afraid she's going to get hit in the face. I can't figure out if this is just the way her face looks, or if she really is deathly terrified of people like Kaylee and Moses.

3) Why was there a commercial for General Mills in the middle of my episode?
I get it; companies pay The Biggest Loser to endorse their products on the show. Product placement and those little "fitness tips?" Fine. I can get on board with that. But what was with Brett sitting down with his Red team, grilling them on their breakfast habits, and then basically turning into a poster boy for General Mills? "These Big G cereals are a great way to start off your day! Just look for the big white check and you know you're good!" Is this a commercial? Is this part of the episode? Maybe Bob could have pulled this off, but with Brett's super crappy acting skills I found myself feeling somewhat scammed over.

4) Arthur. In general.
What the heck, Arthur. He had the opportunity to keep everyone from finding out about the way he set up the teams. He had a chance to keep his head above water, to prevent any kind of drama, and yet he threw himself to the dogs. I admire his gallantry, to a certain extent, but was this really smart? If he claims to be playing a game, why wouldn't he have anticipated this particular aspect of game play?

5) Jillian hugging Arthur.
I have never seen Jillian hug someone with such tenderness before. My mind? Officially blown.

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